Thursday 8 March 2012 

'Switch Hit Like Kevin' - Pietersen's New Coaching Course

'Switch Hit Like Kevin' - Pietersen's New Coaching Course
'Switch Hit Like Kevin' - Pietersen's New Coaching Course
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Kevin Pietersen, renowned international cricket sensation, is contributing to his legacy in British cricket and unveiling the secrets of his batting techniques by launching an online batting coaching course teaching cricket enthusiasts how to achieve his signature moves including the ‘Switch Hit’.

Working with PitchVision Academy, Kevin Pietersen has joined the Academy Panel to provide exclusive coaching advice and tips on batting the KP way.

The course ‘Keep Calm and Smash It’ consists of two elements; ‘How to Play KP’s Switch Hit’ and ‘Total Batting’ both are exclusively available from and share for the first time the secret techniques of the international batsman, such as the infamous switch hit, the slap shot and how to perfect an effective trigger move.

The course provides cricket enthusiasts with the opportunity to expand on existing cricket skills, improve techniques or learn a whole new sport.

It’s available online via and offers enrolees the opportunity to connect online with others on the course, creating a whole new peer learning community, connecting people through sport.

The course is available from March 8th, with exclusive previews available now from

Total Batting costs £15 and Switch Hit costs £2 – you can buy both courses for £16. The course is a total of three hours which does not expire and students can view it at their own pace.


International cricket legend, Kevin Pietersen commented:

“I felt it was time I passed on my experiences and techniques in making it as a batsman and create the next generation of Internationals. The stage I’m at in my career where I’m looking to give something back to the game, and hopefully someone can get something out of it, which is very useful and takes them to a new level. I’m all about doing things for the sake of English cricket. Hopefully we will find individuals with rare talent and fulfil their dreams. The course is a great way to improve techniques, build on existing cricket skills or learn a whole new sport.”

Director of Coaching at PitchVision Academy commented:

“ It’s fantastic to have Kevin Pietersen on our Academy Panel as part of the new cricket batting course. It’s quite simply the most revealing insight into top level batting ever produced.”

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