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Cricket World® is one of the world's leading cricket websites and broadcasts both live cricket radio and cricket TV programming on the Internet.

At Cricket World, we create our own unique editorial content, from the latest breaking news to news videos, interviews, features and competitions.

We pride ourselves on providing extensive and insightful editorial coverage of all major cricket tournaments with a commitment to get news out to you quickly without sacrificing accuracy or integrity.

We work with competition networks and interact with cricket clubs, players and fans through social media, driving targeted traffic to the website to view content such as club awards, club features and weekly round-ups of the best cricket-related content on Twitter.

The Cricket World® magazine was founded in 1987 and Cricket World®‘s website went online in 1996 and its content now includes - cricket live scores, cricket news, live cricket ball-by-ball text coverage of all Test cricket, ODI cricket and Twenty20 international cricket matches. It has one of the most comprehensive in-depth cricket statistics on all the international and first-class cricketers to have played the game and much much more.

Our ever-increasing video production includes daily news updates, historical pieces and match reviews Monday to Friday as well as high-profile interviews with cricketers, administrators and fans of the game. We also produce regular cricket betting preview shows.

We produce regular podcasts, both rounding up the daily news from around the world and catching up with our correspondents at specific tournaments. 

Our own unique Most Valuable Player Ratings give a snapshot of which players - from international to domestic and club cricket in the UK - are currently in form, taking into account all performances over the last 12 months and being updated daily. You can also use our historic MVP checker to see who was performing well on any date in history.

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