Andy Flower Completes The London Marathon For Factor 50

Andy Flower Completes The London Marathon For Factor 50
Andy Flower Completes The London Marathon For Factor 50
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Andy Flower, England’s Director of Cricket, has successfully completed this year’s Virgin London Marathon to raise money for three great causes, Lord's Taverners, Hope For Children and patient support group Factor 50.  

Factor 50 provides patient support to melanoma patients and campaigns for greater awareness of the dangers of malignant melanoma, the skin cancer that kills over 2,000 people a year in the UK. With over 12,000 new cases diagnosed each year Factor 50 is committed to this valuable cause.

In 2010, Andy had surgery following a diagnosis of malignant melanoma and in the summer of 2011 became an Ambassador for Factor 50.    Spending long days playing cricket in hot sunshine is something players are used to and Flower’s connection with Factor 50 serves as a reminder to other sports people to use good sun protection, to avoid sun damage to their skin.

Gill Nuttall, founder of Factor 50, says: “We are thrilled that Andy decided to run the Marathon for us.  His commitment to Factor 50, combined with his personal experience of melanoma, is so powerful, especially for young sports men and women.  Money continues to pour in but at the end of the marathon Andy had raised just under £7,000.  The money raised will help to continue funding valuable research into malignant melanoma.”

Andy says: “I had been told what an amazing experience running the London Marathon is, so when I got the opportunity to do it, and raise some much needed funds for three great causes, I took it.  I could not believe how much pain my legs were in during the last eight miles, but it is true it was a truly unforgettable experience and I was so pleased to have been part of such a special day.”

Factor 50 is also working in partnership with Crawford Healthcare Ltd, the UK distributors of the Australian No1 sunscreen, SunSense.  All products in the SunSense range are SPF50 or higher and provide high factor protection from the sun’s dangerous rays, which can cause sunburn, premature skin ageing and increase the risk of skin cancers.  Crawford Healthcare will be supporting Factor 50 throughout 2012, providing samples of high factor sunscreen for distribution at outside events, in schools and at sporting events.

The SunSense range is available in John Lewis stores, at selected Waitrose stores, via Ocado, at leading independent pharmacies and online at