Around The Grounds: Scorecards, Drinks and Sunshine

©Newport Fugitives CC

We are back with Around the Grounds, kicking off with Top Peformances and Results from the week of club cricket. Tweets range from players smashing sixes into the car park, travel updates from excited players and pictures of game defining moments.

There is also a section for Events, this can be anything from clubs arranging a BBQ to doing there bit and raising money for charity. We also have Announcements & News for things such as transfers, birthdays and special achievements for clubs.

The More section as always includes anything else that doesn't fit into the sections above. Plenty of drinks being shared in the sun, players in action and a wide range of celebrations.

We have tried to include as many interesting tweets as possible but if you think yours belonged in here but you don't see it you can contact us @Cricket_World and we will hopefully include it next time.

As we have featured so many tweets, you may have to scroll to the bottom and click on the Read Next Page to find what you are looking for.