Around the Grounds: Weather, Match Reports and Off The Field

©Chipstead CC

We are back with Around the Grounds, continuing the trend of beginning with Top Tweets. This week we have a cheeky photo from the changing rooms, sneaky shots of Mike Gatting and bizarre weather!

Top Performances & Results as always is filled to the brim, teams winning left, right and centre and those not winning graciously congratulating there opponents and wishing them luck.

We have combined the Events section with Announcements & News, which is anything to do with the club, other than whats happening on the field!

This week featured a couple of transfers, some fans falling asleep at the game and future events being arranged such as T20 blasts!

Since we had such odd Weather this weekend we have dedicated a section to it. It went from blistering heat, to downpour, to thunderstorms and back again.

We have clubs reporting on the weather for their game, some images of grounds being soaked and some of fog!

The More section as always includes anything else that doesn't fit into the sections above. Usually quite a large section, More was almost none exsitant this time, with everything fitting into a category - take a look though, I'm sure you will find something amusing.

We have tried to include as many interesting tweets as possible but if you think yours belonged in here but you don't see it you can contact us @Cricket_World and we will hopefully include it next time.

As we have featured so many tweets, you may have to scroll to the bottom and click on the Read Next Page to find what you are looking for.