Back Pain? Knee Pain? Foot Or Ankle Pain? Footlabs Could Change Your Life


Whether you enjoy sports professionally or for pleasure, your health and fitness is key. But what happens if you suffer an injury or have a medical condition that affects your feet, ankles, knees or another part of your lower body?

As well as damaging your performance, poor treatment could hinder your recovery and cause problems in the future. But there is a solution.

At Footlabs we work with sports patients throughout the UK. Our expertise in biomechanics enables us to create comfortable, bespoke orthotic insoles, worn invisibly inside your shoe, to prevent, correct or relieve symptoms. And with us it’s personal. Every individual patient has an individual condition that requires an individual solution which is why our orthotics service covers everything from assessment to fitting and aftercare.

Each foot is an engineering masterpiece. The foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. We tend to take this for granted until something goes wrong or we develop pain. Biomechanical problems affecting the feet can increase stresses within the foot structures and the surrounding soft tissues, creating localised pain in the foot, ankle and also problems in the lower limbs, knees, hips and back. Correction of poor foot biomechanics with custom made foot Orthotics can improve and prevent many types of symptoms, which in turn will:

•    Reduce pain
•    Provide support
•    Prevent or halt the development of foot deformity
•    Provide better positioning
•    Relieve pressure on a certain area of the foot
•    Improve the overall biomechanical function of the foot
•    Improve pelvic alignment
•    Reduce lower limb torsion and knee stress

At Footlabs we provide a thorough examination of the biomechanics of the body using modern clinical tools, we can also use in-shoe pressure analysis equipment and high definition video analysis. From this information we can determine any biomechanical factor which may have created a problem or may create one in the future and create the most optimal Orthotic prescription to meet your needs.

The principle behind the benefits of Footlabs to sportspeople really is quite simple: when the feet and ankles aren’t properly aligned, the body will not have the necessary balance that it requires when active, resulting in fatigue and pain. With Footlabs Orthotic insoles, the foot is in an optimal position to firmly support the body, helping to increase performance by ensuing efficient energy transfer, maximum control, stability and balance. 

Don’t limit your mobility, make an appointment today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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