Blind Cricket Arrives In Bangladesh - Reuters Video

Report on Training and Coaching Blind Cricket in Bangladesh First of all, we would like to pay gratitude to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for providing financial and moral support for the promotion of Blind Cricket not only in Pakistan but also to promote blind cricket in other countries of Asia. A delegation comprising the following officials of PBCC went to Bangladesh for the Training and Coaching of Blind cricket. 1. Agha Shoukat Ali Chairman, PBCC 2. Syed Sultan Shah Director Cricket Operations, PBCC 3. Maher M. Yousaf Haroon General Manager, PBCC 4. Mr. Nafees Ahmed National Coach, Pakistan 5. Mr. Abdul Razzaq Captain, Pakistan Blind Cricket Team A 15 days long training camp was organized by a local NGO NASPD (National Association of Sports for the persons with Disability) with the support of Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC). PBCC provided the delegation, their Air tickets, Sports Material and 100 cricket Balls to arrange the camp. The said training camp was conducted from 20th April to 5th May, 2008 at Dhanmondi Cricket Ground, Dhaka. 31 Blind players and 21 coaches and umpires participated in the said coaching camp. Cricket Oriented Agha Shoukat Ali, Chairman Pakistan Blind Cricket and Asia Development Director WBCC, the Chief Guest of the occasion inaugurated the camp and he in his address briefly described the history and achievements of World Blind Cricket Council and Pakistan Blind Cricket Council. On the inaugural day all the participants were briefed about the Cricket of the blind and about WBCC playing rules. For the first eleven days of camp, they were given the training and coaching individually and in groups in different sessions. First session in the morning on each day, the physical training was given followed by the different sessions conducted for the bowling, batting and the fielding. For the last four days of the camp, they played practice matches of 10 overs a side. All the matches were thrilling and close contests which showed the potential and sense of competition they possessed. Initially these players have not the concept of playing cricket but by the hard work of PBCC coaching team enable them to play shots, bowling in the stumps, running after the ball, throwing and catching. On 4th may, at the concluding ceremony of the camp, a demonstration match was held between Dhaka Red and Dhaka Green of 5 overs per side. Lot of spectators enjoyed the match along with other dignities. The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Mr. Khalid Hossain the Chairman Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries, along with Secretary Bangladesh Special Olympics official of Bangladesh Cricket Board and representative of Action Aid Bangladesh. The guests and spectators applauded the efforts of blind lads and projected that it will further developed and uplifted in future. Management Training for Coaches and Umpires: Agha Shoukat Ali, the Chairman Pakistan Blind Cricket delivered a lecture to Coaches, Umpires and officials of NASPD on the Management Training of blind cricket, caching methods and techniques in the evening of the inaugural day of the camp. PBCC delegate also gave orientation about the blind Cricket to the Coaches and Umpires in different sessions on and off the field during the camp. They were told about the WBCC playing rules and also showed its practical implementation in the ground. Administrative: An independent organization, solely for the promotion and development of blind cricket was formed under the name of “Bangladesh Blind Cricket Council” “BBCC”. BBCC will be incorporated with Joint Stock companies as a charitable association (a company limited by Guarantee, not having a share capital). For this purpose PBCC helped in making the Memorandum and Article of Association of BBCC and other bye laws for the regulation of different affairs. Mr. Mansoor Ahmad Choudary, who is totally blind but very intellectual and influential; was nominated as the first Chairman of BBCC along with other 14 dignities as first directors. PBCC delegate also met with Mr. Nizam-ud-din Choudary, The Deputy General Manager Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and he assured to provide every possible financial and technical support for the promotion of this noble cause. The Chairman Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Secretary Bangladesh Special Olympics and Action Aid Bangladesh also pronounced to play a vital role in the promotion of the Cricket for the Blind in Bangladesh. Media Coverage: The event was widely covered by both print and electronic media in Bangladesh. This created awareness among masses about the cricket of the blind. Findings: 1. The persons involved there in Blind Cricket are dedicated and eager for its development. 2. Players have rich potential of playing the great game of cricket. 3. The players have great enthusiasm towards cricket and they continuously played for 15 days with zeal and zest even though the weather was too hot and humid. 4. The Coaches and Umpires have enough potential to train the players further. 5. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Bangladesh Special Olympics assured their co-operation in the promotion of Cricket for the Blind. Suggestions: 1. Registration process is proposed to be completed at the earliest. 2. After the completion of registration process, BBCC may request to World Blind Cricket council for the full membership. 3. More Cricket Clubs for the Blind should be form across the Country. 4. BBCC may provide the opportunity to the players for the game practice at least once in a week. 5. Proposed to conduct a national Cricket Tournament in current year. 6. Professional Umpires and coaches are required. 7. Milestone has been achieved but the destination is far off so more efforts are required from every one for the promotion of this great game. Special Thanks: PBCC extends heartiest gratitude especially to Pakistan Cricket Board to extend financial and moral support towards this cause and to all members of NASPD, newly formed Bangladesh Blind cricket Council, all other persons involved in this process and last but not the least PBCC’s delegation. Report by: Maher Muhammad Yousaf Haroon, General Manager, Pakistan Blind Cricket Council