Tuesday 6 November 2012 

Boost Your New Year Performance

Boost Your New Year Performance
Boost Your New Year Performance

Along with your gym membership, energy bars and water bottle one essential you may not have thought of but may actually be even more important to boosting your New Year fitness regime is your sleep. 

However, with snoring being cited as one of the main reasons one in four of us now sleep in a separate room to our partner, a remedy for night noises could actually be your new best friend when it comes to boosting your performance this New Year.

Whilst energy bars and the latest protein shake might help you pick up your pace and make you stronger, you could make even bigger gains from a natural remedy called ‘Helps Stop Snoring’. Their products, which include an oral spray and mouth wash, work through the use of a blend of natural essential oils that help tone the soft tissues at the back of the throat - snoring often occurs when these soft tissues relax and vibrate as we breathe during sleeping.

Although the company haven’t got stats to show that their products will make you run faster, their products have been clinically proven to help prevent snoring in four out of five users meaning, at the very least a better night’s sleep and that can only mean one thing for our energy levels and performance the next day.

Helps Stop Snoring products are available in most major retailers, including Boots and Sainsbury’s. For more information please visit www.stopsnoring.co.uk

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