Bradbury Cricket - Overview

Paul and Sally Bradbury practice the handmaking of cricket bats using the techniques from the 18th Century and tools over a 100 years old, polished off with a horse’s shinbone. The individual attention to detail is evident at every stage – personally choosing each cleft of English willow to the classic shaping, hand finishing and polishing. Each blade is tested after every pass through the press so that the optimum playing qualities are achieved for each individual cleft. Absolutely no bleaching occurs, this quality can only be achieved by a true craftsman. There is more to selecting the willow than buying through the grade system alone. Selection is made on appearance of grains, weight and shape. Knowledge of the age of willow, speed of growth and which marks within the willow make best cricket bats all determine the values of the craftsman. The best willow must be successfully pressed for the best results. The bat handle can improve or lessen the end result, balancing the right number of rubber inserts effects the absorbency of shock with the flexibility factor to give the best rebound result. Handles are then bound with nylon twine to add further strength and shock absorption and the rubber grip installed. These factors are what makes the quality of a Bradbury bat. Endorsed by: Jeremy Bray (Ireland), Dave Nash (Middlesex). Bradbury’s Sterling VS Bat is the flagship model for 2008. It is made from the best piece of willow that Paul Bradbury has selected, the bats also come with a blue and gold grip that is new for 2008. The ‘Sterling’ has a clean face, straight grains and is a beautifully bowed bat with a massive profile with the characteristic Bradbury concave scooping. It comes in weights between 2lb 8oz – 2lb 12oz. New release of Sterling VS and Sterling SE gloves. The Sterling VS is a traditional looking glove that has sheep leather palms for added comfort, and slit 'eyelets' for easier finger bending to allow you to have full control of your bat. Also an Air flow gusset on fingers to keep your hands cool and dry for when you are batting on a very hot day. The Sterling SE is a great value glove and comes with a calf leather palm, Korean PU finger rolls and is specifically designed to be a light-weight glove. This glove is available in youth sizes, whereas the top of the range Sterling VS is not. The gloves are coloured in Bradbury’s blue and gold colours that match the pads and bats in the Bradbury ranges. New for 2008 in Bradbury’s pad range is the Sterling VS Batting Pads. Korean PU face, light-weight pads, high density Plastazote padded with Singapore cane backing are the main features. A new feature has been introduced so that the removal and fastening of your pads is much quicker than before. The interior of the pads are the 2008 Bradbury gold and blue colours. The outside of the pads looks a lot more modern as it has different shapes and textures on the front. Other pads in the range are the Sterling SE pads that also have the removal and fastening feature. These pads are available in youth sizes. Both cricket trousers and cricket shirts are available from Bradbury in a number of different sizes. Polo shirts can be purchased also in white or blue. As used by Dave Nash (Middlesex). New model for 2008, in a stunning white design called the Sterling VS. High quality, full leather glove with a full leather lining and a detailed octopus rubber palm. The Wicket-keeping Pads, also the Sterling VS range, are made up of lightweight moulding foam to allow easy movement. Bradbury’s VS range is only available in men’s sizes.