Cage Cricket - provided by Cage 4 All - Embracing Global Diversity through Participation, Education & Cultural Integration

Ian Botham - Cage Cricket

Cage Cricket is a unique adaptation of the traditional form, bringing to the game those who are currently  excluded from the traditionally established game on the grounds of cost to participate, the lack of required ability, not having the sufficient numbers of people to play and manage a game, or the deficient requirement of sufficient space.

It is not designed as a threat to the traditional game, but a parallel means of bringing future generations to the game. It is based upon a format of training employed by the great Sir Don Bradman and requires players to place the ball rather than merely striking it as hard as possible.

Cage 4 All is a Community Interest Company, incorporated as Not for Profit, seeking to achieve learning through play within socially, geographically and economically challenged communities not only in the UK, but across the world.

Cage Cricket has been devised to give everyone the opportunity to partake in sport; regardless of who they are, whether male or female, where they live, how old they are, whether they have played sport before or not.

Cage Cricket provides learning through play, enhancing the objectives of the National Curriculum, building self esteem and encouraging communication whilst inspiring individualism.

Cage Cricket was born of the Streets. It was born of the same energy and resourcefulness that created our other ‘urban sports,’ an energy and resourcefulness that is central to Inner City life.

When the Inner City wanted to surf but did not have access to the ocean, they created the skateboard and surfed the streets.

When they wanted to re-create the excitement and competition of Motor Cross, but did not have access to expensive motor cycles, they took their bikes, adapted them, and BMX was born.

Free Running and Parkour are gymnastics in an urban context using the buildings and railings of their immediate environment in place of the vault box and the bars of a gymnasium.

Urban sports allow the inner city to participate in sport. They give the individual an identity and a position within a positive peer group in their community, channelling their energy and resourceful  toward productive outcomes.

Cage Cricket is one of the most democratic sports launched, giving participants equal time with the bat, ball and in the field regardless of ability and ensure that achievement in all three disciplines be rewarded. The game can be played by able bodied and disabled together, young and old, sporty or not – there are no barriers.

With a game lasting less than an hour, Cage Cricket makes use of existing community facilities; 12,500 MUGA’S (Multi Use Games Areas), 10,000 unused tennis courts, or within sports halls and gymnasia.

Street sports are open to all - run by the street for the street. Free runners, skate boarders and bikers do not wait for a coach or umpire to turn up and organise their sport. They never rely on a whistle being blown or a move being judged before they participate. Ownership is with those who partake.

These are the core values of urban street sport :

  • Open to all
  • Adaptable to environment
  • Celebration of Individuality
  • Embracing Co-Operation and teamwork
  • Self governing
  • Culturally Inclusive

These are the core values of Cage Cricket.

The Red Zone

Ownership of the game is with the players.

The players spend equal time with the bat, the ball and in the field.

They also spend an equal amount of time in The Red Zone.

The Red Zone is a crucial element of the game and has great benefits on two fronts.

In the first, it ensures that a game of Cage Cricket can be run in a smooth and fair manner without the need of an external umpire or referee.

In the second, it encourages the educational, social and ethical development of the individual and the group as a whole.

The Red Zone was therefore created to encourage these very important core values that will be demonstrated and practices throughout each match.



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