Chance To Play: How To Join A Cricket Academy

Chance To Play: How To Join A Cricket Academy
Chance To Play: How To Join A Cricket Academy
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You have heard the advice about how to become a cricketer. Get into a good Academy and the top quality coaching will send your game to the next level.

Whether you are in Delhi, Manchester or Sydney, the word “Academy” is shorthand for “excellence” and “success”. But how do you get in there in the first place?

Have the confidence to ask

Many young cricketers feel frustrated by the lack of a chance to prove themselves to Academy coaches. We get many emails a week here begging for "just one chance". The truth is that there will always be more players than places at high-class Academies. You need to stand out.

So do the simple thing and just ask.

Find the best local Academy in your area and ask the coaching staff there what it takes to be selected. Different places have different selection criteria so the most powerful thing you can do to take control of the situation is to find out exactly what they want.

You may have to go to a trial, or you might just need to prove yourself in club games. Maybe it’s both. Once you have your mission in place then set some goals and go about ticking every box. No one can ignore you then.

Be realistic

At PitchVision Academy we believe everyone has the potential to improve their cricket. We also know not everyone will make it into an elite Academy so even when dreaming you need to keep your feet on the ground.

The older you get the less likely you are to play Academy cricket. In fact, most top-level Academies (such as those tied to English counties) have an age restriction. Even at 18 or 19 you are going to have to work very hard to get in. Beyond that you need to reset your aims as the routes start to close.

Many good Academies also charge fees and there are limited chances for scholarships. You also have to ask yourself if you can afford to go to an Academy. Financial restrictions may have nothing to do with cricketing talent but the way the world works means you have to take it into account.

Train yourself

Whether you can get into an Academy or not, the really good cricketers don’t rely on a coach to get what they want: they seek out advice, they work on methods, and they train and play as much as they can.

They are students of the game rather than blindly listening to advice or hoping something magic will happen.

It’s all about taking personal responsibility for your own success and you can do that with the online coaching courses on

PitchVision Academy. You can become fitter, improve your mental strength and emulate Test stars; all elements that a well-rounded player must have to succeed these days.

This will further allow you to stand out as a dedicated cricketer and perform under the pressure of a trial match, or when an Academy selector comes to your club game.

by David Hinchclife, PitchVision Academy
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