Confusion Remains Despite Shakib Decision

Shakib Al Hasan bowls
Shakib Al Hasan will (eventually) turn out for Gazi Tank Cricketers in the Premier League
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After the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) reduced Shakib Al Hasan's ban, everybody knew where they stood, and where he would play next, right? Wrong.

People are happy, and even cricketers are hailing the BCB, but still there is confusion regarding Shakib’s participation in Premier League cricket, Bangladesh's List A competition.

Shakib participated in last year’s Premier league as a member of Kala Bagan Krira Chakra. But this year the controversial figure of Lutfar Rahman, the owner of Gazi Tank Cricketers, wanted to draft Shakib into his team.

Gazi Tank Cricketers only hired two 'Class A' players while they were allowed to hire up to three. Some days ago, Rahman said that Shakib’s punishment was unfair and they will hire only 2 Class A players if Shakib’s punishment remains the same. He also said that if the BCB reduces Shakib’s punishment, in that case they will hire Shakib as the third Class A player.

But Shakib’s punishment was reduced after the transfer window had been closed. So, the BCB made a special decision regarding Shakib’s transfer for this season’s league. Some of the board members wanted to create a new rule wherby the teams which didn’t hire any Class A players will be able to buy Shakib at the price of just 5,000,000 Taka (around $US 64,800).

It can be easily understood that their decision was politically biased and was taken to stop Rahman’s team from winning the Premier League.

However, in the end the BCB and CCDM did the right thing by allowing Shakib to sign for Gazi Tank Cricketers. Yet Shakib or Gazi Tank Cricketers members haven’t confirmed Shakib’s price officially to the media yet - so it is still a mystery.

Interestingly, Shakib didn’t say a single word about all these dramas regarding his transfer in the Premier League.

It can be assumed that the reason behind his silence is that Shakib didn’t want to cause any further problems with any of the BCB board members especially after his punishment.

Luckily at last everything is fine and the BCB should be praised for doing the right thing and ignoring biased views.

So, will the current Premier League champion Gazi Tank retain the title? Only time will tell.

And when it comes to the Shakib issue, chances are that he may be sent to Incheon as a member of Bangladesh's team to compete in the Asian Games as his ban will be lifted by then.  

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