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Farokh Engineer - England v India 2014
The Slog Sweep

The Slog Sweep, presented by Mark Robinson and Andrew Leonard is Ireland's weekly cricket radio show.

Making its debut in May 2014, it is scheduled for a 22-week run and you can listen to each episode right here.

Indian Premier League 2014 Podcasts

Podcasts from the Indian Premier League 2014 including news updates, previews and analysis.

County Cricket Podcasts

County cricket podcasts are updated at the close of play with the latest news and results from around the counties in England and Wales.

News Round-Up Podcasts

Cricket World news podcasts are produced Monday to Friday, including the latest cricket news from around the world.

Domestic Cricket Podcasts

Domestic cricket podcast cover non-international cricket around the world, from the Sheffield Shield in Australia to the Ranji Trophy in India and any county news from England and Wales.

Ashes 2013-14 Podcasts

Match reports, interviews and podcasts from the 2013-14 Ashes series as England take on Australia.

Ashes 2013 Podcasts

The latest podcasts, interviews and more from the 2013 Ashes series as England take on Australia

Indian Premier League 2013 Podcasts

Archive of our series of Indian Premier League 2013 podcasts, from pre-match team-by-team previews to interviews and regular in-season updates.


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