Tuesday 1 November 2011 

Cricket-Themed Christmas Cards Hit The Market

Cricket-Themed Christmas Cards Hit The Market
Cricket-Themed Christmas Cards Hit The Market

There's a new card range in town...at Cricket4all you'll find a brand new range of hilarious cricket-themed Christmas cards for some festive fun. Cricket4all cards are a great way to send Christmas greetings to your cricket-mad friends, family and team-mates.

Find the true meaning of sledging, poke fun at the Umpires (we are not responsible for revenge decisions taken against you next season!), discover that snowmen do actually play the beautiful game and generally have a bit of cricket fun at Christmas.

There are 10 designs available in packs of 10 (one of each design) and larger orders can be supplied if required.

There is also a range of other cricket-related greeting cards which we plan to extend over the coming months.

So have a googly at our range of cards, where you'll find plenty of Christmas fun and frolics. For duck's sake, don't Boycott Christmas! You willow it to all your cricket pals to make them crease with laughter but we do Warne you that our humour is pretty awful but at least we're never stumped for a corny idea, in fact there's no boundary to how low we'll sink, throw in a few wicket ideas and we're away...there should be something to appeal to all tastes and hopefully cause a Lara laughs. There are some rib-ticklers and a few silly points in the range but at least you won't get caught out come Christmas posting time...at least you'll keep the Postman employed as he'll have to deliver a few cards.

If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Rosy Greaves at: www.cricket4all.co.uk