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Previous Answer

It was actually a swam of bees that caused a delay in the Sri Lanka v England Test in Kandy, 2007


Which ex-England bowler is opening his own cricket academy today? (There may be a clue on our website!)

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Daily Quiz Winners

We will be updating this list after each daily quiz with the names of those people who have answered questions correctly. 

The last three months winners are...

October - Shivaraj

November - Sona Kumar

December - Mohibul Haque Nayem

Name Correct Answers
Asif 14
Sahil 13
Sona Kumar 13
Steve Ayres 13
Aswin Krishna 13
Mohammad Asif 12
Jawaid Iqbal Qamar 11
Shanmugam 8
Nootan Thakker 4
Mufaddal 3
Shorif Rahat 3
Sheraz Ul Hassan 3
Zane 2
Brown Squirrel 2
Himanshu Bhasin 1
Steve Smith 1
Sobia Sheraz 2
Neeraj 1
Kishor Metalia 1
Navaneet M 1
Lovejeet 1
James Thomson 1
Pankaj 1
Saif 1
Rajesh 1
Sagar Saha 1
Amit Mishra 1
Jyotirmay Mandal 1
Hamza Omer 1
Chris Richards 1
Kathiresan 1
Balasubramian 1
Abhishek Kumar 1
Rixwan 1
Rizbanul Hasan 1
Sanjaybhai Jambukiya 1
Vinay 1
Rana 1
Hafiz 1
Nigel Aaron 1