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West Indies all time leading wicket taker in Test Matches is Courtney Walsh with 519 wickets


Who scored India's highest ODI Individual score of 264?  

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Daily Quiz Winners

We will be updating this list after each daily quiz with the names of those people who have answered questions correctly. 

The last three months winners are...

February - Aswin Krishna

March - Brown Squirrel

April - Brown Squirrel

Name Correct Answers
Brown Squirrel 12
Shanmugam 12
Abu Ul Hussan Ali 11
Shirin Advani 11
Sanjay Desai 10
Nootan Thakker 10
Tassawer Hussain Makhdoom 8
Sona Kumar 8
Shorif Rahat 7
Tayyab Khalil 6
Ghanshyamjangid 6
Muhammad Usman Bashir 5
Bhalchandra Ainswale 5
Jawaid Iqbal Qamar 3
Swell Khan 3
Aarshad Ramesh 2
Gobindnogia 1
Dinesh Ghosh 1
Mufaddal 1
Dheeraj Kumar 1
N RajKumar 1
Dipankar Manna 1
Pavan Raj 1
Abdul Haneef 1
Ravneet 1
Shashank Thakur 1
Kanta Hasan 1
Venkat 1
Sheraz Ul Hassan Siddiqui 1
Karun Thakur 1
Rahul Bose 1
Parvesh Arora 1
Ishan Grover 1
Shah Md Asraf Uddin 1
Vipin 1
Kumar Rohan 1
Rohit Sehjlan 1
Malik Samin 1
Dev 1
Vishnu PG 1
Momin Khan 1
Jagroop Singh 1
Selva Kumar 1
Mihir Deshpande 1
Nibras 1
Dinesh 1
Ganesh Babu 1
Saurabh Bhatt 1
Jagroop Singh 1
NS Swami 1
Manesh Kumar 1
Deepak Johnson 1
Onkar Padwale 1
Shubham Singh 1
Ravi Shankar Roy 1
Nandu Chelackal 1
Dilip 1
Vishal Saxena 1
Jayashree 1
Navneet 1
Raza 1
Harjinder Singh 1
Arun Kumar 1
Arun Gupta 1
Khan SK 1
Harsh 1
Digvijay 1
Dilip Shah 1
Sameera Lakshitha 1
Sachin 1
Yeddulla Rishi Kesh Reddy 1
Khan SK 1
Bodhisatya Das 1