Introducing the Cricket World daily quiz where we offer you the chance to test your knowledge on the game and win a personalised, signed photo of the Cricket World team. This will be sent via email once the winner has been announced.

We will do our best to keep the questions topical, but there should be something for everyone and those of you who get questions right will be featured on this page.

At the end of each month, a weighted draw will be held to determine the monthly winner. The more questions you get right in a month, the greater chance you will have of winning. For example, if we receive 50 correct answers in a month, and you got 15 questions right, you will go into the draw with a 15/50 chance of winning.

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Tabarak Dar is the only player to score more than 100 ODI runs for Hong Kong


Which player has taken the most catches in the IPL?

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Daily Quiz Winners

We will be updating this list after each daily quiz with the names of those people who have answered questions correctly. The leaders at the end of the month will win a prize...

The last three months winners are...

June - Samson Dourado

July - Robiul Hasan

August - MD Sahadot Hossain

Name Correct Answers
Mufaddal 19
Sona Kumar 18
Dheeraj 18
Mahalingam 16
Anoop Jhajhra 14
Ashok Jhajhra 12
Nithyeth Kumaraswamy 12
Paddasaab 12
Shanmugam 10
Simon Edwards 9
Shivaraj 9
Nootan Thakker 9
Ravinder Jhajhra 5
Shailendra 5
Gaurav Srivastava
Hatim Lehri 2
Ninda Pal Jatt 2
Ravi 2
Alfaz Gori 2
Brown Squirrel 2
Shravana Kumar 2
Abhijit Morde 1
Vijay Kumar Singh 1
Ravivarman 1
Akhil Sharma 1
Maanav Saraf 1
Raju Kumar 1
Ejaz Ahmed 1
Devshanu Tiwari 1
Madhu HS 1
Saurabh 1
Faris Mohammed 1
Manish Bishnoi 1
Ashish 1
Raj Sharma 1
Ramesh Manoja 1
Hans 1
Rijul Mahajan 1
Naveen Naik Kekker 1
Boney James 1
Aswin Krishna 1
Pratap Chandra Pradhan 1
Azal Ahmad Khan 1
Rijul Mahajan 1
Sandeep Singh 1
Hassan Abbasi 1
Kiran Kumar Singh 1
Fawadali 1
Samaresh Halder 1
Akhil MA 1
Basanagouda 1
Sanjit Pramanik 1
Harish 1
N Swami 1
Asif 1
Joseph 1
Nidhi 1
Swami 1
Niruktt 1
Kesaram 1