Tuesday 6 September 2011 

JP Duminy Reveals Batting Secrets Online With PitchVision Academy

JP Duminy Reveals Batting Secrets Online With PitchVision Academy
JP Duminy Reveals Batting Secrets Online With PitchVision Academy

South African International batsman JP Duminy today announced a major new coaching course revealing his never-before demonstrated batting secrets – all delivered online at pitchvision.com.

And there is plenty to learn from one of the most exciting talents in modern cricket: JP broke into the Western Province at just 18 before being selected for South Africa at 20. He is an IPL superstar and has been valued at a reserve busting $950,000.

The course is an insight into exactly how JP reached those heights so quickly and how his methods will keep him at the top for years to come. With a blend of videos, detailed guides and drill worksheets, cricketers of all ages and skill levels can emulate the technical, tactical and mental methods employed by JP. The chance to follow in his footsteps is laid out step-by-step.

Speaking earlier about the course JP said, “I have always enjoyed coaching and giving something back to the game. PitchVision Academy gives me the chance to let my fans all over the world get coaching from me directly through the videos.”

PitchVision Academy Director of Coaching, David Hinchliffe supported JP’s words saying, “There is no better example than JP of someone putting in hard training and mental focus to become a world-class cricketer in a very short time. In the past you would never be able to find out how he did it, but thanks to the instantly available resources of PitchVision Academy you can get coaching from JP right on your computer!”

The course is available to purchase on 19th September 2011. A free preview of the course is available here.

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