Equmen - Simply The Vest

Equmen - Simply The Vest

Equmen has created a revolutionary line of Core Precision vests designed to keep sportsmen performing at their peak. So if it’s a big cricket game, a bike race, or just a training run, this vest is the best.

Equmen Helix-Mapping technology builds in physiotherapy taping techniques to structure, support and energise the body.  And the vests have a variety of key features which boost your performance.

The Helix-Mapping system promotes blood flow, accelerating healing, improving muscle oxygenation and helping muscle recovery by reducing the risk of soreness and injury from strenuous exercise.

Equmen’s Compression technology reinforces and supports the body’s natural structure from the core to facilitate oxygen flow and minimise the risk of injury.

The Core Precision vests are made from high performance fabric blends which regulate temperature and moisture control. Circulation and posture are also improved, which in turn relieve pressure on the lower back and help to prevent back pain.

Equmen vests are available in white, black, and heather grey (RRP from £49) and sold online at www.equmen.com and at luxury retailers including Selfridges (London) and Brown Thomas (Dublin).

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