Wednesday 9 July 2014 

Farokh Engineer: Today Was Murali Vijay's Day

Murali Vijay cuts
Murali Vijay showed plenty of patience to play the starring role for India
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It was absolutely India's day today, although the fortunes changed quite a bit during the day for and against them. They are in the driving seat.

Even when the second new ball was taken by England, it didn't have much effect, really. Murali Vijay took his guard again and looks like he's all set for another hundred!

MS Dhoni is giving him very good support and it's been a very good partnership indeed; if this partnership lasts a couple of hours tomorrow, then India will be very much in the driving seat.

Vijay's value is patience, he's been extremely patient, he's played some lovely shots. He's a star, a very good player, he's got very good technique which you need on English grounds.

His team-mates, particularly Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara must be disappointed to have missed out today, but it's a long tour ahead and today was certainly Murali Vijay's day.

Dhoni's come out and reached a half-century and played some good shots. He's there to support Vijay and at every moment he has gone over to him and told him 'don't throw your wicket away, don't give it away' - which is exactly what a good captain should do.

However, there's still a long way to go in this Test match, the odd ball is keeping low and hats off to England as they have fielded and bowled magnificently.

They have perhaps been a bit negative at times, blocking the off-side and bowling quite a way outside off stump but they reduced the flow of runs and had they not done that I daresay India would be past 300 already.

I think this pitch will get lower and slower as the match goes on. This pitch will never break up, it's a beautiful Trent Bridge wicket so I think if India bowl well and hold their catches, who knows, they could have a good chance of winning the Test match.

Still, it's too early to predict.

All in all it's been a very good day. It's been a beautiful day today here at Trent Bridge, and a day to showcase what Test cricket is all about.

It's like a game of chess, and India have made the stronger moves today.

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