Fibber In The Heat - Miles Jupp

Fibber In The Heat - Miles Jupp
Fibber In The Heat - Miles Jupp

Fanatical about cricket since he was a boy, Miles Jupp award winning stand up and actor (BBC2’s REV / THE THICK OF IT) would do anything to see his heroes play.

But perhaps deciding to bluff his way into the elite press corps during England’s Test series in India wasn’t his best idea.

By claiming to be the cricket correspondent for BBC Scotland and getting a shaky month long assignment with the (Welsh) Western Mail, Miles lands the press pass that will surely be the ticket to his dreams.

Soon, he finds himself in cricket heaven – drinking with David Gower and Beefy, sharing bar room banter with Nasser Hussain and swapping diarrhoea stories with the Test Match Special team.

Struggling in the heat under the burden of his own fibs, reality soon catches up with Miles as – like a cricket-obsessed Boot from Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop – he bumbles from one disaster to the next.

Fibber in the Heat is a sorry tale of how he attempted to become a cricket journalist by the unlikely, ill-thought out and dishonest method of pretending to be one.

Miles Jupp is an erudite and witty writer whose compelling and beautifully crafted story will delight non cricket and cricketing fans alike.


Published by Ebury on 3rd May.


Miles Jupp is an actor, comedian and writer. He started performing stand-up in 2000, and the following year won
both So You Think You’re Funny and the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year. He was nominated for the Perrier
Best Newcomer award for his debut Edinburgh solo show Gentlemen Prefer Brogues.

He contributes to a number of Radio 4 Shows as well as his own series for the stati on Miles Jupp’s Real World (with Frankie Boyle). His TV credits include The Thick of It, Gary; Tank Commander and Rev.

His film work includes Made in Dagenham, Harry Pott er and the Order of the Phoenix and Sherlock Holmes. He is known to younger fans as Archie the Inventor of the children’s series Balamory.

His show Fibber in the Heat was one of the big successes of the Edinburgh Festival in 2010.