Around The Grounds: First Matches, Pre-Season & Cricket Force Day

©Headingley CC

The season kicks off for a lot of cricket clubs this week so our main focus was on Pre-Season and First Matches. The rain affected some games, others were blow outs and some nail biters. We bring you reports, top scorers, most wickets and any other stats tweeted from the clubs!

Cricket Force was still in full swing this weekend as players banded together to volunteer to help out their local cricket club. Everyone joined in to help paint sight screens, prepare the field and generally maintain the ground/buildings.

A whole wide variety of ideas are included in our Events and Announcements from quiz or race nights, people taking part in the London marathon and team photos and merchandise being released.

There wasn't too many tweets from clubs in the Nets or Training, as most we underway with their season, or playing friendlies in preparation. There was however a small selection from younger age brackets, as well as some upcoming for the final workout before the season stars.

Finally, as always, we have a seciton dedicated to interesting tweets that didn't really fit anywhere else. Our More section has anything from football results, with Liverpool beating Man City, to Rugby players transfers.

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