Glorious Summers And Discontents - Mike Atherton

	Glorious Summers And Discontents - Mike Atherton
Glorious Summers And Discontents - Mike Atherton

A revealing and insightful portrait of modern cricket, including a fully up-to-date chapter on England's glorious winter Ashes series.

In this fascinating book, Mike Atherton selects the best pieces he has written over the last decade. Renowned as a shrewd and resolute captain of England, Atherton moved effortlessly into the commentary box and Fleet Street, proving himself every bit as capable with the pen as with the bat.

It has been a dramatic period, seeing the rise of Twenty20 cricket and the IPL, as well as the revival of England's prospects, breaking a long era of Australian dominance in the Ashes. There has also been controversy, too, with terrorist attacks, Zimbabwe and allegations of Pakistani spot-fixing all distracting fans from the essence of the game. Through it all, Atherton comments with the true insight of one who has been there, the humane understanding of someone who has genuine empathy for the issues involved and, above all, his opinions are based on a deep love for the game and sport in general. His writing hasbecome essential reading for all sports fans. This book shows exactly why that is the case.


Born in 1968 and educated at Cambridge University, Mike Atherton played his entire career for Lancashire and England, winning 115 Test caps and captaining his country 54 times. After a spell writing for the Sunday Telegraph, he became Cricket Correspondent of The Times in 2008 and also commentates for Sky Sports. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two children.


Published by Simon & Schuster on 12th May 2011, HB, priced £18:99.