Haka'd But Love It - A Win At Long Last!

Will Edwards in action
Will was this week able to celebrate a victory
©Will Edwards

A win at last! It’s been a long time coming but on Saturday we managed to secure our first win since Christmas against City.

It was an excellent bowling display; bowling tight lines and lengths we bowled City out for 115 inside 30 overs. We then proceeded to chase down the runs from the loss of only three wickets.

It was a terrific performance from the boys, particularly as we have had such little cricket over the last month or so, and after the game we almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves, we had almost forgotten what it felt like to win a game of cricket.

However, despite the joy of winning, it was also a touch frustrating knowing that we can perform as we well as we did on Saturday and yet we have produced performances like that on so few occasions this season!

I just hope that next year the team will be able to be more consistent and perform as I know they can on a more regular basis.

Saturday’s game was only our second in the last five weeks. The lack of cricket has been incredibly frustrating, even more so, given the fact that my form has been inconsistent this winter and without a regular run of fixtures, I have found it difficult to keep my best form up.

As a result, over the last few weeks, I have often wondered whether that is much point in me being out here when I could be doing pre-season training at home with Leicestershire.

But this lack of cricket has given me the opportunity to have a lot of fun and get up to things which I may have not been able to do if our fixture schedule had been maintained.

A perfect example is that I spent this week at Hamilton O week, or as we Brits call it, Fresher's week.

Now, given that I am writing a blog for Cricket World, I probably shouldn’t go into too many details of last week and the antics that took place but I am sure that many of you will know exactly the sort of behaviour that took place.

All that you should know is that both Tom and I were extremely happy to be home on Friday evening. Finally, congratulations to Travis Keep for his fairly unanimous victory in the ring on Tuesday evening.

As the summer nears its end, and the rugby season kicks off, cricket among New Zealanders really takes a back seat. Also, the weather is closing in and I am more than ever beginning to think of home and I can't wait to see all my friends again in three weeks.

My time here is really beginning to come to an end and I intend to make the most of every one of my last days here!

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Will Edwards - Haka

My name is William Edwards, I’m 19 years old and an opening batsman. I am spending the winter here in New Zealand’s North Island as an overseas professional for Onerahi Central cricket club (OC).

Throughout my time here I will be describing what I get up to, the experiences I pick up and what exactly is expected of me as an overseas professional. Back home in England I have played for teams such as Leicestershire CCC 2nd XI and Academy and Lincolnshire CCC 1st XI.