Harbhajan Suspended Following Sreesanth Slap

Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has been temporarily suspended pending an inquiry following reports he slapped compatriot Shanthakumaran Sreesanth after the IPL match between his Mumbai Indians side and Sreesanth's Punjab Kings XI. An inquiry into the incident will take place on Monday in New Delhi. Mumbai Indians lost the match by 66 runs. IPL Chairman and Commissioner Lalit Modi said in a statement, "I have officially received a complaint from the Team Management of the Punjab Kings XI about the alleged incident at Mohali. The complaint has been forwarded to the Match Refree Mr. Farokh Engineer for a detailed inquiry into this as per the ICC Code of Conduct and the ICC disciplinary procedures for team players and officials, which will be applied with immediate effect in this case." The Chairman & Commissioner added that the DLF Indian Premier League had a clear and transparent Code of Conduct which strictly follows the ICC Code of Conduct and ICC disciplinary procedures. Lalit Modi, concluded by stating, "The IPL Governing Council is awaiting the final report from the match refree and will decide on the future course of action." Under the ICC Code of Conduct as adopted by the Indian Premier League, it is the responsibility of the Match Referee to investigate the allegation/allegations and to take statements from the players concerned and any other witnesses and consider any other evidence. In the event that the individual/individuals against whom any action is taken is aggrieved, such individual/individuals may appeal against the Match Referee's decision and proposed action. Similarly the Indian Premier League may appeal. Any such appeal will be heard by a panel of Appeals Commissioners, of appropriate qualification as defined in the ICC Code of Conduct, as appointed by the Indian Premier League Disciplinary Committee. All parties are entitled to legal representation throughout the process. The conclusions of the Appeals Commissioners shall be final and shall also be made public.