How To Bat Under Pressure Like Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum
You too can bat under pressure, just like Brendon McCullum
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A run is not a run.

If you have ever played in a tight, low scoring match you know that the value of a run varies depending on the situation. The more pressure, the harder it gets.

That's why Brendon McCullum's triple century against India was so extraordinary. He came in at 52-3, injured and 194 runs behind. virtually without hope. By the time he finished he had saved his country And broken records.

It should be counted as 600.

So, with the shining example in mind, how do you bat under pressure when runs are worth more than usual?

According to the great Michael Bevan, the answer is to go back to your basics.

In his online coaching guide Finisher: Chasing Runs, the Aussie batsman reveals that rather than look at the daunting task, he would ask himself some simple questions:

"How many runs do I need to score?"

"What skills do I have to score those runs?"

He would have a simple plan to where he was going to score and he stuck with it. If things went a little wrong, he would have a backup plan to move things along. But that would be it. No confusion and no stress, just the task at hand.

Of course, that's easy to say and difficult to do. Most batsmen have doubts come into their heads.

Your ability to put those doubts aside is built mainly on your confidence. You know if you have trained enough. You know if you have pulled off a similar feat before. You can't fool yourself.

But if you have done the work, then you can go back to your simple plan and deliver it with confidence.

That's how McCullum did it, and if you want to emulate his performance at your level, it's what you need to do too.

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