How To Stick To Your Winter Training Plan

How To Stick To Your Winter Training Plan
How To Stick To Your Winter Training Plan
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When winter training starts we are all filled with hope and optimism for a stellar summer ahead.

Then life gets in the way, we lose motivation and fall back into old habits. The Grand Plan is lost for another season.
But not this year.

This year will be different because you will have followed the advice below and find yourself with a cast-iron will and brand new good habits that stick.

Be realistic

It’s all very well having lofty ambitions, but the reality is that we are more successful taking things in small steps that can be achieved with effort.

So break everything down and make it realistic. For example, one of my goals is to increase my deadlift from 140kg to 180kg (400lb).

A 40kg jump is a serious goal but takes time. So I broke things down into 4 week periods, aiming to improve the weight a little every 4 weeks. This seems much more achievable and is much more motivating to know that if I miss a week I am falling behind on my plan.

You can apply the same to any fitness, mental training or skill goal you have.

Know where you are going

A good preseason is like following a map to a destination.

A big mistake people make is being unclear about the destination. And if you don’t know where you are going, how can you get there?

So before you begin your journey ask yourself, where do you really want to be at the end?

Make this as specific and measureable as possible (like my 400lb deadlift for example) and then work backwards to where you are now. You have your route.

As things goes on, keep checking your map, and your destination and you will stay motivated when the going gets tough.

Make a commitment

This is the big one. If you can build some accountability into your training plan you are far more likely to comply.

The best way is to get a training buddy who relies on you to show up for every practice. This will motivate you both.

But if you can’t rely on someone in real life then the next best thing is internet accountability, where you check in with people in the same position as you to help each other.

PitchVision Academy provides that service through the exclusive course forums, so why not get in on the action?

You can set up a training log specific to preseason training and pick up a huge pile of advice by getting the Complete Cricket Preseason Training Bundle.

by David Hinchclife, PitchVision Academy
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