ICC Confirms New Playing Conditions

ICC Confirms New Playing Conditions
ICC Confirms New Playing Conditions
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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed that from 1st October, a number of amendments to the playing conditions in international cricket will come into effect.

The amendments have been approved by the ICC Executive board after proposals were made by the ICC Cricket Committee in May.

From 1st October, there will be two balls used per innings in One-Day International cricket, with one ball used per end, meaning an end to the mandatory 34-over ball change.

In ODIs, the batting and bowling Power Plays will be obligatory between overs 16 and 40 and in all forms of international cricket, batsmen are being discouraged from running between a fielder's throw and the stumps as a new clause empowers the fielding side to appeal for 'obstructing the field'.

The umpires will be able to consult with the TV umpire if they choose to do so when responding to such an appeal.

Runners have been outlawed in Test, ODI and Twenty20 International cricket while bowlers will be allowed to run out a non-striking batsmen provided they break the wicket before his delivery swing has been completed.

A new condition for Test matches has been added whereby either captain can request an extra 15-minute period of play at the scheuled lunch or tea interval if they feel a result can be achieved in that time and should a team go towards lunch nine wickets down, then the interval will be delayed for a maximum of 30 minutes.

The minimal interval between innings in ODI cricket has been increased from 20 to 30 minutes.

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