ICC Defends Umpire Over Collingwood Dismissal

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has defended umpire Peter Hartley after England captain Paul Collingwood was run out in unusual circumstances in the sixth one-day international between England and India at The Brit Oval. Collingwood failed to make his ground as Mahendra Singh Dhoni took the bails off, although initially umpire Hartley did not opt for a TV replay. He only did so once a replay on the big screen showed Collingwood short of his ground. Collingwood was understandably unhappy about the decision, although it was clear that it was the correct decision, reached by an unusual method. The ICC said that Hartley, who was umpiring his first one-day international, had not broken any protocol: "There is nothing to prevent an umpire reversing his decision as long as it is before the next ball has been bowled," an ICC spokesman said. "The way he got to the decision was not ideal but the fact is that the right decision (to give Collingwood out) was made. "He should have referred the decision straight away but he had the presence of mind to refer it once he realised his mistake and the right decision was made. "Imagine if he had not referred it when Collingwood was clearly out." India went on to win the match by two wickets to level the series at 3-3 with the final match taking place at Lord's on Saturday.