ICC Names Match Officials For World Cup Games

ICC Names Match Officials For World Cup Games
ICC Names Match Officials For World Cup Games
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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the umpire and match referee appointments for the warm-up matches and group stages of the 2011 World Cup.

The tournament gets underway on 19th February and the opening game between Bangladesh and India in Dhaka will be umpired by Steve Davis and Kumar Dharmasena - who won the World Cup in 1996 with Sri Lanka.

Ranjan Madugalle, Chris Broad, Jeff Crowe, Roshan Mahanama and Andy Pycroft will be the match referees for the tournament, which is co-hosted by Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 (warm-ups)

Saturday 12 Feb: Zimbabwe v South Africa (d/n), Chennai – Simon Taufel and Rod Tucker, Asoka de Silva (third), Roshan Mahanama (referee)

Saturday 12 Feb: West Indies v Kenya (d), Colombo – Nigel Llong and Daryl Harper, Ian Gould (third), Graeme La Brooy (referee)

Saturday 12 Feb: New Zealand v Ireland (d/n), Nagpur - Marais Erasmus and Buddhi Pradhan, Sanjay Hazare (third)

Saturday 12 Feb: Sri Lanka v Netherlands (d/n), Pallekele - Shahvir Tarapore and Tony Hill, Ranmore Martinesz (third), Alan Hurst (referee)

Saturday 12 Feb: Bangladesh v Canada (d/n), Chittagong - Enamul Hoque-Moni and Kumar Dharmasena, Asad Rauf (third), Jeff Crowe (referee)

Sunday 13 Feb: India v Australia (d/n), Bengaluru – Richard Kettleborough and Aleem Dar, Amish Saheba (third), Sudhir Asnani (fourth) Ranjan Madugalle (referee)

Tuesday 15 Feb: Australia v South Africa (d/n), Bengaluru - Amish Saheba and Aleem Dar, Richard Kettleborough (third), Ranjan Madugalle (referee)

Tuesday 15 Feb: Bangladesh v Pakistan (d/n), Dhaka  – Steve Davis and Billy Doctrove, Bruce Oxenford (third),  Jeff Crowe (referee)

Tuesday 15 Feb: Ireland v Zimbabwe (d), Nagpur - Marais Erasmus and Buddhi Pradhan, Sanjay Hazare (third)

Tuesday 15 Feb: Netherland vs Kenya (d/n), Pallekele - Shahvir Tarapore and Tony Hill, Tyron Wijewardena (third)

Tuesday 15 Feb: Sri Lanka v West Indies (d/n), Colombo – Ian Gould and Nigel Llong, Daryl Harper (third), Chris Broad (referee)

Wednesday 16 Feb: India v New Zealand (d/n), Chennai – Rod Tucker and Asoka de Silva, Simon Taufel (third), Sudhir Asnani (fourth), Roshan Mahanama (referee)

Wednesday 16 Feb: England v Canada (d), Fatullah - Enamul Hoque-Moni and Asad Rauf, Kumar Dharmasena (third), Jeff Crowe (referee)

Wednesday 18 Feb: England v Pakistan (d/n), Fatullah – Bruce Oxenford and Billy Doctrove, Steve Davis (third), Ranjan Madugalle (referee)

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 (group stage)

Saturday 19 Feb – Bangladesh v India (d/n), Dhaka- Steve Davis and Kumar Dharmasena, Billy Doctrove (third), Asad Rauf (fourth), Ranjan Madugalle (referee)

Sunday 20 Feb – New Zealand v Kenya (d), Chennai – Rod Tucker and Marais Erasmus, Aleem Dar (third), Sudhir Asnani (fourth), Roshan Mahanama (referee)

Sunday 20 Feb – Sri Lanka v Canada (d/n), Hambantota – Ian Gould and Shahvir Tarapore, Tony Hill (third), Daryl Harper (fourth), Chris Broad (referee)

Monday 21 Feb – Australia v Zimbabwe (d/n), Ahmedabad – Asoka de Silva and Richard Kettleborough, Amish Saheba (third), Simon Taufel (fourth), Jeff Crowe (referee)

Tuesday 22 Feb – England v Netherlands (d/n), Nagpur – Asad Rauf and Brice Oxenford, Kumar Dharmasena (third), Steve Davis (fourth), Ranjan Madugalle (referee)

Wednesday 23 Feb – Pakistan v Kenya (d/n), Hambantota – Tony Hill and Nigel Llong, Daryl Harper (third), Shahvir Tarapore (fourth), Chris Broad (referee)

Thursday 24 Feb – South Africa v West Indies (d/n), New Delhi – Simon Taufel and Amish Saheba, Asoka de Silva (third), Richard Kettleborough (fourth), Jeff Crowe (referee)

Friday 25 Feb – Australia v New Zealand (d), Nagpur – Billy Doctrove and Kumar Dharmasena, Asad Rauf (third), Bruce Oxenford (fourth), Ranjan Madugalle (referee)

Friday 25 Feb – Bangladesh v Ireland (d/n), Dhaka – Aleem Dar and Rod Tucker, Billy Bowden (third), Marais Erasmus (fourth), Roshan Mahanama (referee)

Saturday 26 Feb – Sri Lanka v Pakistan (d/n), Colombo – Daryl Harper and Ian Gould, Nigel Llong (third), Tony Hill (fourth), Chris Broad (referee)

Sunday 27 Feb – India v England (d/n), Bengaluru – Billy Bowden and Marais Erasmus, Rod Tucker (third), Aleem Dar (fourth), Roshan Mahanama (referee)

Monday 28 Feb – West Indies v Netherlands, (d/n) New Delhi – Amish Saheba and Simon Taufel, Richard Kettleborough (third), Asoka de Silva (fourth), Jeff Crowe (referee)

Monday 28 Feb – Zimbabwe v Canada (d), Nagpur – Asad Rauf and Bruce Oxenford, Steve Davis (third), Billy Doctrove (fourth), Ranjan Madugalle (referee)

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