IPL Confirms Pakistani Mohammad Asif Failed Drug Test

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has confirmed that the player who failed a drugs test during the inaugural tournament was Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Asif. Asif, who played for the Delhi Daredevils, tested positive for nandralone two years ago and was recently detained in Dubai after being found with illegal substances in his possession. "One player from the IPL has tested positive," Modi was quoted as saying yesterday. "We don't know his name yet and we have to wait till we get the details." This was followed by a statement today which explained: "The DLF Indian Premier League compared the result from the WADA-approved laboratory in Switzerland with the data collected by IDTM, the Sweden based independent agency which organized the anti-doping testing in accordance with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) standards, to confirm the player in violation is Mr. Mohammad. Asif. "It was also checked if Asif had applied for and was granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). It was found that Asif had not applied for a TUE. A note in writing has been sent to the player and his home board and to the franchisee on the findings." Asif, who has played 11 Tests and 31 One Day Internationals, has protested his innocence. "I have taken no banned substances or drugs and I am innocent," Asif told Reuters in a telephone interview. "I am hoping the board will support me and help me clear my name. I will take a decision on having the sample 'B" tested after consulting with the board," Asif said. "I just don't know how this has happened because I have been very careful with the medicines I use," he said. A second sample given by the player will now be analysed, and if found to contain illegal substances, the case will be referred to the IPL drug tribunal, consisting of Dr. Ravi Bapat, Sunil Gavaskar and Shirish Gapat. An earlier statement from the International Cricket Council (ICC), which backed the IPL, run by the Indian Board (BCCI) said: "The ICC is aware of an adverse analytical finding (AAF) from the recently-concluded Indian Premier League. "As with any AAF that arises during a testing programme organised by one of the ICC’s Members, it is the responsibility of that Member, in this case the BCCI, to deal with the process in a timely and fair manner. "The ICC is proud of its status as a WADA signatory and will be closely monitoring the situation to ensure the correct action is taken by the BCCI. The ICC retains a right of appeal if any penalty that may be imposed is inconsistent with the WADA Code." The WADA code requires the IPL to check the sample against any prescribed drugs taken by the player. If there is a match, the case will close, but if there isn't a second sample will be required. The inaugural eight-team tournament which contained a number of the world's best players, was won by the Rajasthan Royals, who were captained and coached by Shane Warne.