Keep Fully Hydrated When Exercising This Summer With USN

USN is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product: USN Active Spring Water.

USN Active WaterFree of the contaminants typically found in drinking water, USN’s Active Spring Water has been launched to provide beneficial minerals to anyone requiring hydration on the go!

As the synthesis of nutrients for building muscles and burning fat is based on an optimum water supply, it is particularly important to remain hydrated during training. Muscles consist of 75% water and even a minimal drop in hydration can decrease strength by up to 15%![1] Injury is also much more likely when your joints are not well-lubricated.

Additionally, keeping hydrated with USN’s Active Spring Water will aid in both detoxification and body temperature regulation.

Try USN’s Active Spring Water today for a clean, refreshing hydration option that will keep you thirsting for more!

USN Active Spring Water – The Facts

Size: 500ml
Ingredients: Natural spring water
Quantity per pack: 24
Retail Price: £23.76