Lancashire Cricket Board Celebrates New Records

Lancashire Cricket Board Celebrates New Records
Lancashire Cricket Board Celebrates New Records
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The Lancashire Cricket Board have met their ECB Targets for the third year in a row, setting new records.

Each year (by October 31st), the LCB, like all 39 County Cricket Boards, are charged with the task of meeting these targets based on PARTICIPATION, CLUBMARK ACCREDITATION, CLUB MEMBERSHIP, COACHES AND VOLUNTEERS to enable funding to be released as part of the national framework for developing cricket.

Whilst the LCB were one of the first to widely recruit Community Development Coaches in 2005/06 throughout the County, 2009 was a particularly challenging year as the Board did not recruit during the main part of this period. This meant that activity had to be sustained throughout our schools and clubs to ensure that these figures were met. It is a great testimony to our existing coaches that this was achieved.

Andrew Hayhurst (Director of the LCB) commented: “The biggest thanks must go to our Cricket Development Managers, Rudra Singh (Lancashire), Paul Bryson (Merseyside and West Lancashire) and Bobby Denning (Greater Manchester) for their commitment to the completion of this planning process and the huge task of ensuring that all these figures are legitimate and signed off as correct. As we have the biggest cohort to complete in the country (115 clubs) this is no small task and I am sure they would be the first to acknowledge the support and hard work of their Cricket Support Officers, Dave Reddy, Shaun Anders and Dave Hardman respectively, who were hands on in this process.”

The bottom line is quite simple. Without this work, the LCB would not be sufficiently funded to carry out any of its main development activity and it is worth, with match funding, over £700,000 per annum and will reach the million pound mark by the end of 2010.

The figures are as follows: (COHORT is 115 CLUBS)


TOTALS = 5 Points

(4 out of 5 ensures County Boards receive full financial support)

Although the LCB are fully aware that the game of cricket is not all about figures and that it is important that all aspects of the game are supported, this does take up a large part of CDM and other staff time during the summer months as an absolute priority. Therefore, it is very commendable that they carry out the rest of their duties when this is so important to the Board. These figures are even more remarkable when you consider that they represent only a quarter of our clubs. Our coaches are active in at least as many schools again not to mention the elite side of the game through our partnership with Lancashire County Cricket Club (LCCC).

Andrew further added: “I must also thank all our cohort clubs who have provided and ratified this information. Although they do benefit from officer time, direct funding and in a lot of cases, new facilities, it is a rigorous process to go through during a busy cricket season and we are always grateful for that. On a personal note, I must thank all our staff and those colleagues employed by our partners, who continue do a great job. Our partners themselves, particularly the 3 County Sports Partnerships of Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester are very supportive and not least our own Board for their continued help and guidance.”

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