LCB Offer Degree In Cricket Coaching

In conjunction with East Lancashire Institute of Higher Education at Blackburn College and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), the Lancashire Cricket Board (LCB) are pleased to announce Higher Education opportunities for young cricketers and their colleagues. Starting this October, the Foundation Degree looks at coaching, sports science, the sporting infrastructure including sports development, the playing mechanics of cricket and fitness. It is a perfect chance for those youngsters over 18 who wish to pursue a career in sport and continue to develop their chosen game. Joanne Almond, Course Manager at ELIHE, said, “This Foundation Degree is an innovative and exciting development. It will be the first of its kind nationally specifically aimed at cricket. We are proud of the links between our organisation and Lancashire Cricket. The course offers the opportunity for students to train with professional coaches from Lancashire.” Andrew Hayhurst, former Lancashire player and Director of the LCB commented, “Many young people find other interests, go out of the region to pursue their chosen career path or simply don’t continue to play or be involved in sport. This Foundation Degree gives them the chance to continue to play at their clubs, gain further knowledge about the game and sport in general and possibly embark on a career within their chosen field or go onto a full degree. The LCB fully endorses this as an aid to retaining these people within our sport and strengthening links with the local Community.” Rudra Singh, Cricket Development Manager for Lancashire region including Blackburn and former Indian International player, added, “Many clubs I work with suffer from their best young players and volunteers going elsewhere to University. They never return and club life suffers. If these people can be retained at this crucial stage but also be hands on the running of such clubs, then it will be easier to develop our sport in the region.” © Lancashire CCC
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