Leicester City Council Chooses SISIS Supaturfman

Leicester City Council have chosen the SISIS Supaturfman for their bowling green maintenance

Leicester City Council has chosen a SISIS Supaturfman independely powered heavy duty aerator to perform key turf maintenance tasks on its five bowling greens.

The Supaturfman is an ideal machine for the year-round maintenance tasks and is suited for use as a bowling green or cricket square aerator.

It has a pivoted tine bar for vertical penetration and withdrawal with minimal surface disturbance with a maximum working depth of 100mm (4") and comes with a choice of interchangeable tines for a variety of aeration purposes.

Its combination of an effective and simple design keeps required maintenance down to a minimum.

"We wanted something that we could use throughout the playing season which causes the minimum amount of disruption to the bowling green surface," Mark Humphrey, Leicester City Council's Team Manager, based at Evington Park said.

With 30 years experience at the Council behind him, Mark has used a variety of SISIS turf maintenance products.

"In my time here, we’ve found that SISIS manufacture reliable and easy to maintain equipment," he added.

"If we ever need any spare parts, then we know that we can always get them easily. When we were looking for a new aerator, SISIS was our first choice because of our past experience.

"The Supaturfman is so easy to use and manoeuvre around the green, and because it’s a pedestrian machine we can get in and out of each of the five sites with no problem – something which we used to struggle with in the past."

The Council used to use a tractor-mounted aerator which did a good job but often disrupted the playing surface, meaning it could only be used out of season.

"We want to be spiking throughout the season, not just when the bowling greens are not being used," he continued.

"With the Supaturfman; it only takes us about an hour and a half to spike a green, and because it’s such a good, quick and clean machine which leaves no mess, we are able to use it once a month.

"To be honest, I’d like to use it twice monthly, or even weekly, but man power dictates what we can and can’t do."

He has purchased a set of pencil tines for regular bowling green maintenance work as well as a set of hollow and chisel tines ready for autumn renovations.

"SISIS have been very good to work with and their sales manager Jason Briggs has provided us with excellent service. All in all, we are extremely pleased with the Supaturfman."

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