Link 51 Scores At The Home Of Cricket

Versatile shelving systems from Link 51 have created a bespoke design to house one of the sporting world’s most unique archive collections. The MCC Collection, based at Lord’s cricket ground in London, is benefiting from Link 51’s ‘Stormor’ shelving system and is now home to artefacts and memorabilia stretching back to the early days of the game. The development of the archive facility represents a key phase of a comprehensive refurbishment programme. The project has allowed a wealth of cricket history to be brought together into a single location replacing previous storage that was necessarily fragmented. The new facility is centred on a combination of storage units providing shelving areas and drawer storage much of which is built onto a Link 51 ‘Quick-2-Fit’ mobile shelving system. “The Quick-2-Fit mobile storage concept is ideal for an installation of this type,” explains Link 51’s National Sales Manager, Bob Murphy, “as it can be installed directly onto the existing floor. Each back-to-back run of mobile shelving is mounted on a series of parallel tracks set into a raised floor.” The simple operation of a hand wheel allows a specific aisle to be opened for access which, because it enables the rest of the system to be kept in a closed position, maximises storage capacity. access which, because it enables the rest of the system to be kept in a closed position, maximises storage capacity. The choice of shelving dimensions and optional fittings available within Stormor allows the wide range of items now being transferred to the new ground floor facility to be stored easily and securely. “Selected bays feature six drawers at the lower levels, many of which are used for the storage of electronic media such as DVD’s,” comments Archivist and Historian, Glenys Williams. “By way of contrast these are pre-dated – in some cases by nearly 200 years – by items stored on the shelving.” She points out that much of this relates to the period before 1969, until which time the MCC oversaw world cricket, and includes artefacts such as score-books and committee minutes from as far back as the early 19th century – all of which is of great interest to historians of the game. “The Link 51 Stormor design has fully met our requirements both in the immediate term and, indeed, as the facility grows in the future. We are confident that it will help us to maintain our key position at the heart of the game,” concludes Glenys Williams.