New Constitution For New Zealand Cricket

New Zealand Cricket has adopted a new constitution

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) has adopted a new constitution following a consultation period involving key stakeholders in the national and domestic game.

The new constitution was adopted unanimously at a special general meeting, the key points of which are listed below:

  • Board members will be elected by NZC following a selection process run by an independent panel, which will comprise a convenor, three major association chairpersons and one other member nominated by Sport New Zealand
  • Board member vacancies will be advertised publicly and applications are welcomed from all
  • A newly-developed skills matrix will be applied to the selection of Directors and composition of the board which may be updated in the future
  • Board members may be paid (currently they are not) upon an Appointments Panel recommendation
  • A closer fit to the 'model constitution' developed by Sport New Zealand

The first stage has already been completed as Stephen Broock (NZC President, Convenor), Rex Smith (Auckland Cricket Chairman), Lachlan Muldowney (Northern Districts Chairman), Murray Hughes (Otago Cricket Chairman) and Sir John Wells (Sport New Zealand nomination) were appointed to the Appointments panel.

The current NZC Board members will continue to serve as Directors until a new board is elected at another Special General Meeting in September.

Current Board members seeking to continue in their roles will need to seek re-election.

"We’re delighted our Members have endorsed the direction set out in the new Constitution," NZC Chairman Chris Moller said.

"It gives us added impetus to complete our constitutional review and elect a new Board of Directors. We’re extremely pleased with the engagement from our Members in this process, and confident that we have agreement on the best way forward for cricket in New Zealand."

Moller then added that he, along with other directors, will not be seeking re-election.

"I have been Chairman of New Zealand Cricket for three years and a director for five years, the same duration that I chose to be involved in New Zealand Rugby and being Chairman is a hugely time consuming role," he said.

"I also think it is in the best interests of cricket in New Zealand for a new Chairman to be inducted into the International Cricket Council during the tenure of Alan Isaac as President so as to best facilitate the new Chair’s entry to the Council," he added.

Bill Francis, Sir John Hansen and Therese Walsh will not be seeking re-election although Stuart Heal, Don Mackinnon and Greg Barclay will look to retain their positions.

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