Pick Of The Day - A Song For Tendulkar

My pick for today is this song about Sachin Tendulkar, produced by Hellmut Wolf (co-produced by Cale Storer, music by Hellmut Wolf and Paul Patterson, Lyrics by Chalam Mani).

What better way to pay tribute to the Little Master than with music?

I'll let Hellmut take up the story.

"Chalam contacted me to compose and produce a song about Sachin Tendulkar for which he had written the lyrics," he says.

"Chalam is an Indian doctor who lives in the Seychelles, but also a great songwriter. We invited a friend of mine, a singer from Fiji named KNOX who I had been gigging with in Australia, and recorded the song in my studio.

"We want to release the song under my label www.wolfentertainment.com.au but we are waiting until we have contact with Mr Tendulkar and he gives us "approval" meaning he likes it, before we put it into the download stores."

Good luck, and in the meantime, we'd love listeners to tell us what you think of the song by leaving us a comment below.

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