As IPL Kicks Off, London Student Tour Of India Highlights Power Of Cricket

As IPL Kicks Off, London Student Tour Of Indiia Highlights Power Of Cricket
As IPL Kicks Off, London Student Tour Of Indiia Highlights Power Of Cricket

Following recent visits from figures from across the international political spectrum, from David Cameron to the Dalai Llama, the University of East London’s (UEL) cricket first team have been in Mumbai this week on an ambassadorial tour as part of the University’s Global Reach initiative, encouraging prospective Indian students to reconsider London as the place to study.

As part of the tour, the students, many of whom have ambitions to play cricket professionally, are carrying out humanitarian and education outreach work in the cities of Mumbai and Pune. The team will also play two 35 over matches against Bombay and PJ Hindu Gymkhana.

As part of their trip the sportsmen have visited Sathaye College and will visit St. Xaviers College, in Mumbai, tomorrow (Thursday), to talk about their experiences as students living and studying in the UK.

They have played improvised cricket matches against enthusiastic locals and will organise coaching sessions on Saturday with children from rural communities based near Pune linked to the Mahindra College Akshara Programme.

The team have also been invited to take part in a lively debate with young members of the Mumbai Versova Rotary Club at ‘the Club’, in Mumbai, on Friday, discussing issues around education and the betterment of society through sport.

UEL Cricket Coordinator, Arfan Akram, said: "This tour will be both exciting and inspiring for our cricket ambassadors. It will be a fantastic opportunity for them to really bring something to the communities they will be working in as global sporting ambassadors and to promote London and the University through new partnerships, friendships and above all, through a shared love of cricket."

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