Red Rose Ace Put Brewery On Red Alert!

Daniel Thwaites Brewery was put on red alert after a Lancashire Cricket Club star threatened to bludgeon his way to a money spinning milestone. The famous northern brewer has thrown down the gauntlet to the Old Trafford club by pledging a cash bonanza to charity for any player that can match Thwaites’ achievement of 200 not out. And opener Paul Horton became the closest batsman to hit a double century this season when he batted for six hours to make 139 in a recent championship game with Worcestershire. If any Red Rose player can chalk up a double century during the 2007 season then Thwaites will convert the total amount of match runs into pounds for The British Heart Foundation. The idea came from marketing manager Lee Williams, who wanted to commemorate Daniel Thwaites Brewery’s 200 year birthday and realized there was a great opportunity to involve Lancashire Cricket Club in the bi-centenary party. He said: “It was a fantastic effort by Paul Horton, who frustrated Worcestershire’s bowlers and easily passed the 100 mark in the process. As the day progressed I did consider the prospect of a Thwaites charity donation, but he finally perished after an outstanding effort. “It means that the challenge is still there for Lancashire’s batsmen and as the wickets get harder and truer as the season progresses, I am sure someone will get even closer to the 200 mark. “We have had a long running association with Lancashire CCC which continues this season with our high profile Thwaites Lancaster Bomber shirt and stadium sponsorship, and the runs challenge seemed a fantastic way to bring the team into things. “Hopefully it will be a great incentive for the players to go on and have a successful season – the more we have to pay out the better chance LCCC will have of winning silverware. “It would be fantastic if 2007 was marked in history as a great year for Daniel Thwaites and for Lancashire Country Cricket Club.”
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