Rose Bowl V Curry Bowl

Rose Bowl V Curry Bowl
Rose Bowl V Curry Bowl
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Monday 22nd November is the start of National Curry Week and, to celebrate, The Rose Bowl’s groundstaff will be eating nothing but curry all week!

Nigel Gray, Mark Miller, Dave Henbrey and Ian “Easel” Tulk (pictured L-R) will be dining on curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday - all with the aim of sampling five Indian curries and five Sri Lankan dishes, designed by the venue’s chefs from Compass Group UK & Ireland.

The “guinea pigs’” favourites at the end of the week-long experiment will be served to cricket fans attending England’s NatWest Series One Day International match against India and historic first-ever Test Match against Sri Lanka at The Rose Bowl on 6 September and 16-20 June 2011 respectively.

Head Groundsman, Nigel Gray said; “It’s going to be a difficult job but somebody’s got to do it. Fortunately, all of us are keen on curry so that’ll make the task all the easier when it comes to the latter stages.”

General Manager of Rose Bowl Catering, Gideon Smith said; “We’re going to be very thorough with this experiment. They won’t be allowed to eat any crisps, chocolate bars or non-curry related items. They’ll be given a good meal for lunch and dinner and told to eat only left-overs and items like bhaji’s and samosas for breakfast.

“The only question now is how hot we decide to make the curries. They’d better make sure they’re nice to us!”

Tickets are still available for the npower Test Match between England and Sri Lanka and NatWest Series One Day International between England and India so fans who wish to try the winning dishes should go to to book their seat!

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