Session Two's Drills, Skills And Thrills

Session Two's Drills, Skills And Thrills
Session Two's Drills, Skills And Thrills
©Colin Ebdale

Northern Universities Student Club-Community Cricketers Elite (NUSC) sponsored by the iconic Hilton Newcastle Gateshead continued its Winter Training Programme (WTP 2011) at the stunning Durham CCC Riverside ground in Chester Le Street.

After an orientation week it was down to business for the groups as skills sets became the watch word with Ronny Boyd spending 90 minutes working with the batsmen on various driving skills to provide increased options.  This became clear when those batsmen like Charlie Davy joined the nets sessions and raised the standard by 50% on stint 1.

Locked away in a strictly private conference room with video feeds and flipcharts were Marc Symington and his seamers.  What was said has not been discussed by coach or player yet but whatever it seemed to fire up the seamers who came seeking scalps in stint 2 be that of the wicket kind or blows to as some batsmen left appreciating Marc has very high demands of his seamers.  For the spinners it was another gentle session looking to grove actions and becoming better acquainted with each other as one or two started to show coach Ash Patel there is a potential of a spin duo being included in the sides.

After leaving his secret meetings with the seamers Marc lead the squad in a detailed fielding masterclass looking at power throwing technique which led to some excellent skills and the occasional “practice makes perfect” moment where the cameraman got a real close up!

It’s two sessions down, 6 left until Christmas.  Standard’s rising but the players are in a real awakening as session 3 is going to show who is really at the races… follow the clubs progress throughout the winter log onto

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