SISIS Unveils New Rotorake 600HD Scarifier

The all-new SISIS Rotorake 600HD Scarifier

At IOG Saltex 2013 at Windsor Racecourse, SISIS unveiled the all-new Rotorake 600HD Scarifier.

The machine has been developed following consultations between SISIS designer, engineers, groundcare professionals, greenkeepers and course managers.

It is a heavy duty pedestrian scarifier and linear aerator and is designed to for regular use with a shallow setting or more infrequent use with a deeper setting.

The machine aids aeration and compaction relief as it cuts clean and continuous slits for effective water and air absorption.

The new modern design makes the scarifier operator-friendly and easy to maneouvre while it has already proved to be a success at a series of 'out in the field' demonstrations and research through a 'focus group' method where it was fully tested.

Along with the other scarifiers in the SISIS range, the Rotorake 600HD works on the successful contra-rotating principle developed by the company in the 1960s. 

This throws the removed thatch forwards and firmly holds the machine to the ground to maintain a consistent working depth. This is a precision machine which can be used on bowling greens, croquet lawns, tennis courts, cricket pitches, golf courses, ornamental lawns and gardens.

Advantages of the new model include ease of use, a range of quick-release, interchangeable reels including scarifying, verticutting and brushing, variable blade spacing/depth for control on the move, large working width of 600mm (24"), six forward speeds and a reverse gear for efficiency under varying terrain, an independent drive to the wheels and reel for operator safety and a collection box.

"We are delighted to launch the Rotorake 600HD at IOG SALTEX," SISIS Sales Manager Toby Clark said.

"We are very excited with this new product and are confident that it will be extremely successful with our customers," he added.

For more information about SISIS turfcare machinery, please click here.

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