Tuesday 18 March 2014 

Study: How To Win At Twenty20

Lasith Malinga celebrates a wicket
Bowling yorkers, something Lasith Malinga does superbly for Sri Lanka, is one of the things the study says is crucial
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A recent study has reviewed the Twenty20 tactics of successful sides, and come up with some clear conclusions.

The work by Michael Najdan, Matthew Robins and Paul S. Glazier in the International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport has discovered the top 5 indicators of success in an English domestic T20 season.

What did the researchers find out?

  1. Wickets in hand are more important than runs in the first 10 overs, especially the powerplay.
  2. 50+ batting partnerships win games.
  3. Batsmen who score 75+ win games.
  4. Winning teams score more runs on the off side.
  5. Teams who bowl more yorkers and short balls win games.

You could argue that none of these factors are especially controversial, but it's also notable what is missing from the conclusions: boundaries scored, dot balls faced, wides bowled, amount of spin and amount of left arm bowler were all analysed too and found to have lesser influence on the result.

What this means for your team

Naturally, it's hard to draw direct comparisons between a professional side and a club, or even an age-group team. That said, there are some practical elements you can take away.

First, it's always useful to analyse in more depth than simply looking at the score, it reveals things that you may already suspect. It could also change your mind about "pet" tactics.

Second, it gives you something to focus on for practice and matches.

Instead of thinking about wides, or spinners you can direct your practice sessions and match tactics towards building an innings (T20 style) and bowling more yorkers under pressure.

So, get analysing, start building some tactics and find out if your team can build limited over glory this season.

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