Sussex Pioneer Board Of Control For Closer County Links

Sussex Cricket Board (SCB) and Sussex County Cricket Club (SCCC) are proposing to form closer links between club cricket and the first class game within the county, by setting up a new overall Board of Control. Currently Sussex Cricket Board has responsibility for recreational (amateur) cricket throughout Sussex, with Sussex County Cricket Club running the professional side. The proposed Board of Control (BoC) is thought to be the first of its kind in the country and could lead the way towards the Australian style of cricket management, which is fully integrated under a single Cricket Association in each state. A key objective of the BoC is the creation of an all-embracing Strategy for Sussex Cricket, under the banner of "Cricket Sussex". The BoC will undertake a series of detailed reviews of existing services and resources, with a view to ensuring improved efficiency, through shared activity and improved liaison. It will also carry out a full review of the funding of cricket in Sussex, including fund matching, bulk purchasing of equipment for clubs and insurance pooling. The recommendation is made in a Consultation Document which will be issued to all cricket organisations in the county who will be invited to offer their feed back. The document has been produced by the Building Partnerships in Sussex Cricket Group, which was set up at the end of 2006 by the SCB and the SCCC. The Group's Chairman, David Bowden, states "Our initiative in Sussex emanates from the England and Wales Cricket Board's Cricket's Strategic Plan for 2005 to 2009 - from Playground to Test Arena, which was issued by the ECB in 2005". "The aim of the initiative has been to recommend a series of measures, which will lead to a greater degree of cohesion, coordination and integration amongst the various and numerous stakeholders in County, which will lead to fullest possible support to them all" he said. Amongst the other recommendations is a proposal that a full review should be undertaken of the future pattern for league cricket in the County, with a cascading style of automatic promotion and relegation. © Sussex CCC
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