Tendulkar's Farewell, Darts & Indoor Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar's retirement had most cricketers, commentators and fans talking on Twitter this weekend

The retirement of Sachin Tendulkar dominated Twitter for most of the weekend, and it is his departure with which we begin our latest round-up of the best cricket-related tweeting this week.

Tendulkar said farewell after India wasted little time in hammering the West Indies in Mumbai, the Little Master delivering a retirement speech and then being awarded the Bharat Ratna - India's highest civilian honour.

There was, nevertheless, plenty of other things going on that got you tweeting. We were busy covering the ICC World Twenty20 2014 Qualifier in the United Arab Emirates where, believe it or not, it rained on Sunday.

No danger of rain affecting play at the darts, where an epic match on Sunday drew quite a crowd - both figuratively at the venue and literally on Twitter.

And of course rain doesn't stop play when you play cricket indoors, and there was plenty of that going on as well.

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