The Point Receives Gold Award For Being Green

	The Point Receives Gold Award For Being Green
The Point Receives Gold Award For Being Green

The Point, the eye-catching red conference and events venue at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, is now officially ‘green’ after receiving an award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme, a national sustainable tourism certification scheme for the UK. 

A qualified assessor for the Green Tourism Business Scheme undertook an accreditation grading visit of the venue recently, which resulted in The Point achieving Gold level.

Commenting on the award Peter Ash, sales manager at The Point said: “In the planning stages we came up with a detailed brief for our architects, BDP, which incorporated a number of fundamental ‘must-haves’. One of those ‘must-haves’ was that special attention was given to making the building as sustainable as possible, with a host of green features designed in.”

Peter adds: “Not only has that brief achieved a Gold award for The Point, we have also received a silver award for our 68-bedroom Old Trafford Lodge.” 

During the assessment it was stated that The Point is an excellent example of a low impact building with energy consumption reduced through LED lights, solar hot water, highly efficient appliances and excellent insulation, with a recycling system that is extensive and very well managed with a 98% diversion rate from landfill.

The venue was also recognised for the way in which it promoted the green message to guests in raising their awareness of environmental issues and encouraging them to use public transport.

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