The World According To Graeme Swann

The World According To Graeme Swann
The World According To Graeme Swann
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England off-spinner Graeme Swann spoke to the assembled press, including Cricket World, at The Rose Bowl, ahead of the third Test against Sri Lanka, which gets underway on Thursday (16th June).

Be it in front of a camera, at a press conference or on Twitter, Graeme Swann is a cricketer worth listening to. Always entertaining, often hilarious, here are a selection of his thoughts as he and his team-mates build up to The Rose Bowl Test match later this week.

We caught up with Swann later, and you'll see a series of videos with his thoughts on the game, darts, Formula 1, and a whole lot more ahead of the game on our cricket TV section.

Absent friends: "You sometimes realise someone's worth when they're not playing, more than when they are."

The Ashes: "One of the things about doing well, especially in The Ashes, is you get a new fan base."

Being part of a cricketing family: "My mum when I first started playing cricket couldn't understand why I didn't hit every ball for six, because I did it once.  Over the years she's grown in her knowledge of the game, so she understands now it's not all about that."

Expectations: "There certainly are people who expect you to come up and do it every day - day in, day out. It would be lovely if I could, but the fact is, the game doesn't work like that."

The Decision Review System: "I remember the ones that are taken away from me more than the others. I remember a couple in South Africa being taken away."

Technology: "I think we do trust technology. You can make the excuse 'you can't trust the technology', but I think it's proved to be pretty accurate. It saves as many batsmen as it sends to the stocks.

"'The whole point is to get rid of those glaring errors that could swing a Test match either way. I think it has done that. You're a batsman, you know you haven't hit it; now you can call straightaway for it."

Windowgate: 'He (Matt Prior) obviously wasn't very happy, but it was a genuine mistake. He was so unlucky how it happened. He put his bat down and it went straight through the window.

"'There was a window, and he sort of put it on, and let it fall, and it sort of bounced off his other bat and only went six inches.

Twenty20 cricket: "When you start getting to my age, there are 35 players up for this Twenty20, and it keeps you sharp. You know you need to stay on top of your game."

His first experiences with England: "I don't blame them for putting me on the black list. I wasn't good enough to be playing for England, and certainly wasn't mature enough. I don't bear any grudges; maybe I could have had a chance a little bit earlier, but I don't think it was personally."

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