Give This "Jack-In-A-Box" Batting Drill A Try

This "jack-in-a-box" batting drill from is a great one to include in your warm-up as a batsman.
6 May 2015

Lucky Number 14 A Winner For Wetherby CC

14 was a lucky number for Wetherby Cricket Club after they were drawn as a winner of a cricket coaching mat courtesy of total-play.
25 April 2015

How To Outsmart The Bowler

As a batsman, you are always trying to get one over the bowler, and this coaching video from MyCricketCoach shows a drill that can help you stay ahead.
24 April 2015

Bowlers - Stop That Front Leg Collapsing!

One of the most common problems that fast bowlers encounter is their front leg collapsing as they deliver but with MyCricketCoach's help, here's how you can stop it happening.
17 April 2015

Virtual Cricket Reality - The TrueMan Bola

Cricket World Head of Media Alastair Symondson recently visited the Bola factory in Bristol to find out more about the new 'virtual cricket reality' bowling machine – the 'TrueMan bola'.
10 April 2015

How To Watch The Ball More Effectively

Watching the ball might sound really easy but it is so important in all facets of cricket and here, mycricketcoach show you how to do so more effectively.
3 April 2015

Twenty20 Cricket Company Strengthen Links With Germany

England-based Twenty20 Cricket Company have extended their links with the German national cricket team by agreeing a deal to sponsor the Under-19 team for the 2015 season.
30 March 2015

How To Master Finding The Gaps

Finding the gaps is a crucial part of batting, particularly during limited overs games, and these drills from will help you improve this key area of your game.
27 March 2015

How To Take Wickets In One-Day Cricket

These days, the funky advice is that you need to take wickets to win limited over games. Although this is not a new idea, it is one that has become a meme during the 2015 World Cup. It’s a good idea too.
20 March 2015

How To Swing The Ball Like Trent Boult

Trent Boult has helped New Zealand reach the quarter-finals of the Cricket World Cup, and here Ben Williams shows you how too can master the art of swing bowling.
20 March 2015

What Is A Mixed Bowling Action & What Are Its Risks?

The act of fast bowling places an enormous amount of stress on the spine so it is vital that a mixed action is identifed and resolved quickly, writes Ben Williams.
13 March 2015

Better Nets With Gamification

In the health world, "gamification" is all the rage: The idea that using the techniques of an addictive iPhone game like Candy Crush makes eating and exercising fun so you reach your goals.
11 March 2015

Why You're Not A Cricketer

When I was a boy, I wanted nothing more than to play cricket full time. I would go to sleep dreaming of playing for England and winning the Ashes, writes David Hinchcliffe.
25 February 2015

How To Bowl Better Yorkers

"Why don’t they just bowl yorkers?" It’s the mantra you hear at the death at every level of cricket.
19 February 2015

How You Can Bat Like Glenn Maxwell, Too

If you were going to pick a player for young players to copy, Glenn Maxwell’s insane, unorthodox style makes him low on the list. Yet he’s also insanely exciting and effective.
10 February 2015

Twenty20 Cricket Company Launch Cricket Pitch Map App

As clubs and players gear up for the new season, Twenty20 Cricket Compay have launched a new iPad app which adds a visual approach to coaching bowlers.
5 February 2015

Matthew Hoggard Cricket Off To A Flyer

Heavy snow greeted the Cricket World team as they made their way home from the launch of Matthew Hoggard Cricket in Leicester - a far cry from the conditions the youngsters involved he will be working with will get to experience.
3 February 2015

How To Handle Sledging

With sledging back in the news, I thought it was time to revisit the topic from the other side: How to deal with it when you are batting, writes David Hinchcliffe.
27 January 2015

Hoggy To Launch 'Matthew Hoggard Cricket'

Former England international, Ashes winner and Cricket World ambassador Matthew Hoggard is set to launch 'Matthew Hoggard Cricket' in Leicester later this month.
22 January 2015

How To Hit A Fast Score Like AB De Villiers

You have to hand it to AB de Villiers, he crashed his way to a 31-ball hundred. That’s thirty one. Well batted lad. How did he do it?
21 January 2015