How to Stay Within The 15 Degree Limit

It’s big news that the ICC are cracking down on top level bowlers with suspicious actions. What does that mean for us playing and coaching at a level where you can’t tell a “chucker” for sure?
23 September 2014

5 Coaching Lessons From The Champions League T20

The Champions League T20 seems a long way from the cricket we play. But it is the same game with the same size pitch, balls and stumps.
16 September 2014

Start Planning Now For Next Season

The English club cricket season is over for most of us. You might be fed up of the sight of your team mates and can't wait to get away from their ugly mugs for a few months. Wait!
9 September 2014

The Club Cricketer's Guide To Video Analysis

Video analysis is no longer exclusive to professional cricket. Everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, so why not use the technology available to improve?
2 September 2014

How To Emulate England With A Fast Return From Disaster

England are the very definition of zeros to heroes: going from abject defeat to convincing victory over India in a matter of five matches.
19 August 2014

Why It's Time To Stop Sledging

James Anderson has got in trouble for his sledging. It's not new, but it is time for everyone who sledges to wind their collective necks in.
12 August 2014

How To Hit A Last Ball Six

It seems you can't go five minutes without a six to win a Caribbean Premier League T20 match. Darren Bravo had a go, and Andre Russell repeated the feat. Can you do the same? Of course!
5 August 2014

Nurturing The Future Of South African Sport

Across South Africa, another successful series of cricket clinics were run in July and July by the acclaimed Cricket School of Excellence (CSE).
1 August 2014

How To Go Moneyball In Club Cricket

In 2003 a book called Moneyball argued that baseball was using outdated stats to decide how valuable the multi-million dollar players were. But how is that relevant to a club team on a Saturday afternoon?
29 July 2014

How To Step Up A Level

This time of year sees club cricketers going on holiday, giving a chance to young or second string players to go up a level and make a name.
23 July 2014

How To Bowl On A Shirt Front

Every bowler dreads it. The pitch for the first Test match between England and India was awful: No pace, no bounce, no challenge for batsmen.
15 July 2014

The Slogger's Guide To Building An Innings

It's hard to break a reputation as a batsman. If you are down as a "see it, hit it" slogger, no one expects you to play a composed and well-paced innings.
8 July 2014

How To Be A Good Captain...When You're Not A Natural

One of the biggest criticisms of England in the loss to Sri Lanka has been the weak captaincy of Alastair Cook: "He's just not a natural captain," the sages bemoan. But what does that really mean?
1 July 2014

How To Bowl At The Tail

What would England have given for a bowler who could mop up the last man? It's a problem that happens at every level, yet it should be easy.
18 June 2014

What Is Perfect Practice?

"Nobody practices harder." How often do we hear that coming from the mouth of a losing captain on a televised match? It almost makes you think practicing hard leads to failure.
10 June 2014

20 Tips For Twenty20

Twenty20 has never been bigger. IPL, Big Bash, T20 Blast and now even a special tournament for 15-19 year old club cricketers.
28 May 2014

The Untalented Cricketer's Guide To Playing Well

Can you do well in your club games if you have no talent? The answer to that question is the difference between saying "I'm not much of a cricketer" and "I make the most of what I have".
20 May 2014

How To Enjoy Fielding If You Find It Boring

"I hate fielding." You might never say it that directly, but you have probably thought it at some point.
13 May 2014

How To Avoid 'Banana Skin' Losses

Every year England play a match against an Associate nation: The Test side should win easily, but it's not always the case.
9 May 2014

How To Stop A Batting Collapse

What went wrong at Wirral CC? First game of the season and bowled out for three: eight men bowled or LBW tells you a story. It was all in their heads. Teams rarely get bowled out; they bowl themselves out.
29 April 2014