How To Maintain Pressure On Batsmen In Limited Overs Cricket

It's common in cricket journalism to say that an inexperienced bowling attack cannot maintain pressure.
3 December 2013

How To Be A Nasty Fast Bowler (When You Are A Nice Guy)

Picture the typical fast bowler personality. You are probably thinking of an angry, red-faced man with a face full of bristling moustache. He is bent on everything short of murder and not short of a few choice words or a bouncer aimed straight at your teeth.
26 November 2013

How To Stay In Form

We have all had a purple patch. The runs and wickets flow effortlessly. You wonder how it could all be so easy.
13 November 2013

Cricket Training Idea: Half-Time Bowling

Pre-match warm ups at the grass-roots level have transformed in recent years, but how would you like an often missed yet simple upgrade to get you more wickets?
6 November 2013

Cricket Training Ideas: Baseball Mitts

It's rare to see a coach these days without a fielding bat and a baseball catching mitt in the kitbag. But the mitt is a tool that can be used by all players.
30 October 2013

The R Ashwin School Of Modern Off Spin

Say what you like about Ravichandran Ashwin's Test credentials, but as a modern limited over bowler he has few peers.
23 October 2013

The #1 Factor in Tendulkar's Batting Success

So Sachin has finally called it a day. What was the secret of his success?
15 October 2013

What Type of Fast Bowler Are You?

As you already know, there is no one type of fast bowler, but they all have one thing in common: all fast bowlers want to bowl faster.
1 October 2013

Are You Sabotaging Your Chances Of Getting Swing?

The sun beats down on a warm afternoon and you are in the middle of an opening spell. The ball is new, the pitch is firm and the batters have set their jaws to dig in hard.
24 September 2013

Limited Over Tips: When to Use Aggressive Field Settings

In a low scoring one day game, India's stand-in captain Virat Kohli, was unusually aggressive with his field settings. Is this a method you should copy?
18 September 2013

How To Improve Your Stamina For Longer Matches

This year I am coaching a group of talented 11 year old players: The kind of guys who one day hope to play professional cricket over 4 or 5 days.
10 September 2013

Video - 'Just Get Out There And Work Hard'

Former Australian international fast bowler Jeff Thomson gives us his his own take on coaching fast bowlers: keep it simple, get out there and keep bowling.
8 September 2013

Play Twenty20: Play Like Water

If there is one thing you cannot accuse of Twenty20 cricket, it's of the quiet calmness of a cup of water.
3 September 2013

Is There Any Reason To Bowl No Balls?

Long jumpers don't overstep the foul line to get more distance. Dart players don't stand closer to the board to get more accuracy.
27 August 2013

PitchVision Academy - Coaches

PitchVision Academy - Coaches
30 July 2013

Psychology Of Cricket - Self-Confidence

If confidence could be packed into a pill it would be the most widely prescribed psychological pill on the market.
25 July 2013

Psychology Of Cricket: Choking Under Pressure

In the first of a series of articles concentrating on the psychology of cricket, a closer look at choking. In all sports, a player’s performance will fluctuate. Sometimes we perform a bit better than normal, and sometimes a bit worse.
17 July 2013

Can You Emulate MS Dhoni's Finishing Method?

In a recent article, MS Dhoni's method of finishing one day games was put under the microscope.
16 July 2013

Finisher: How To Score At The Death

In an exclusive excerpt from his batting coaching course, Michael Bevan talks us through the pressure of the last few overs.
9 July 2013

The Dhoni-Fletcher Guide To Getting Out Of A Slump

Does it sometimes feel like you are cursed to make no progess with your cricket? Take heart from the recent turnaround seen by India. Post-2011 World Cup, the side were in a slump of Test hammerings and World Twenty20 failure.
25 June 2013