How To Enjoy Fielding If You Find It Boring

"I hate fielding." You might never say it that directly, but you have probably thought it at some point.
13 May 2014

How To Avoid 'Banana Skin' Losses

Every year England play a match against an Associate nation: The Test side should win easily, but it's not always the case.
9 May 2014

How To Stop A Batting Collapse

What went wrong at Wirral CC? First game of the season and bowled out for three: eight men bowled or LBW tells you a story. It was all in their heads. Teams rarely get bowled out; they bowl themselves out.
29 April 2014

Rethink Your Warm Up To Improve Your Game

The methods of warming up are changing. When my dad played, the warm up was a few catches on the outfield and stubbing out your fag before play (or during the first few overs in some cases).
22 April 2014

Forget Technique: What To Work On During Summer Practice

Ian Bell. Now there is a man who can hit a cover drive. Imagine sitting in on a net session where he is grooving the shot over and over. It would be like ballet with a ball.
15 April 2014

The Old Cricketer's Guide To Fielding Like An Athlete

Fielding isn't a young man's game. One of the excuses I often hear about poor fielding standards is that you need to be young and energetic to do it well.
8 April 2014

How To Bowl A Bouncer...When You Can't Bowl A Bouncer

Can you really use a bouncer if you are a medium pace club bowler? As long as you can get a ball up to chest height you are in the game, even if you are not Brett Lee. This is because the batsman can't get over the ball.
4 April 2014

Study: How To Win At Twenty20

A recent study has reviewed the Twenty20 tactics of successful sides, and come up with some clear conclusions.
18 March 2014

How To Bowl Uphill & Into The Wind

The sun beats down from a cloudless sky as you examine the wicket before play. It's flat and grassless and looks like slab of baked concrete.
11 March 2014

Could These Changes Transform Your Pre-Season Nets?

This year is going to be different. You are not going to waste your valuable net time by "having a hit" and "rolling your arm over". You are intent on practising with purpose because even at club level, the better you practice, the better you play.
5 March 2014

How To Bat Under Pressure Like Brendon McCullum

A run is not a run. If you have ever played in a tight, low scoring match you know that the value of a run varies depending on the situation.
18 February 2014

3 Ways To Use Your Scorebook To Win More Matches This Season

Are averages starting to creak? Everyone knows what a good average is for Test cricketers, and every club player knows what a good average is for their league.
14 February 2014

How Much Should Fast Bowlers Hit The Nets?

We all know that the more you bowl, the better you get. But it's also true that the more you bowl, the more likely you are to get an injury that stops you altogether.
4 February 2014

How To Move From Cricket Apprentice To Master

How long does it take to serve your apprenticeship? Cricket is frustrating. You want to achieve the mastery that your talent allows but you need to go through a long and difficult apprenticeship.
29 January 2014

Cricket Is About World-Class Basics

Cheteshwar Pujara is a throwback, but he proves beyond doubt that cricket is about a relentless thrust towards doing the basics at a world-class level.
21 January 2014

The Zaheer Khan Guide To Building Bowling Stamina

It's well documented that Zaheer Khan returned to fitness in 2013 by attending a "performance camp" in France.
17 January 2014

Don't Panic: The Cricket Captain's Emergency Guide to Desperate Tactics

We have all been there: You stand in the field as everything falls apart around you. Your well laid plan is being laid to waste by rampaging batsmen.
7 January 2014

7 Cricket Uses For The iPad Air

When Apple announces a new version of its iconic tablet, the world goes crazy and millions are sold. The same thing happened when the new super light and thin iPad Air hit the streets recently.
18 December 2013

Train Your Mind For Cricket With The 4C Method

Most of us know what to do with a technical issue: Get in the nets and fix it. We also know that to get fit you train with cricket specific fitness work. But what if you want to improve the mental side of your game?
11 December 2013

How To Maintain Pressure On Batsmen In Limited Overs Cricket

It's common in cricket journalism to say that an inexperienced bowling attack cannot maintain pressure.
3 December 2013