5 Golden Rules Of Success From Professional Cricket

Whether you aspire to play at professional level or not, there are many things you can learn from first class players.
19 June 2013

The Great Batting Hoax

Cricket has advanced in so many ways in the last 60 years. So why do we still hold onto the same ideas when it comes to classical batting technique? Coaches and players have always called batting a side on game. But I have learned that batting is more front on than side on.
4 June 2013

Seven Ways To Train Under Stress

Whatever level of cricket you play, you will recognise the pressure faced by cricketers playing professionally. Tournaments are typified by many games wedged into a short period, but as a player you are expected to be at your peak the whole time.
28 May 2013

How To Bowl Well On A Green Top

As a fast bowler it's not all milk and honey in the land of the favourable pitch. The expectation is that you will slice through the top order in no time.
21 May 2013

Throw Away The Textbook: How Batsmen Really Develop Technique

Here is an over-rated phrase: "That shot is straight out of the textbook!" The truth is that in the modern era of cricket we hear it less and less. It's no longer relevant, if it ever was.
14 May 2013

How To Bowl At 100 Miles Per Hour

No country can consistently produce fast bowlers. Why? It's clearly desirable and clearly possible: the West Indies proved this in the 1980s.
1 May 2013

How To Coach Strength Into Cricketers

Good cricketers are strong. They may not look like big chested hulks (although some like Kallis, Flintoff and Irfan Pathan come close) but to bowl quick, put revs on the ball or hit the ball hard you need to have strength.
23 April 2013

Is This One Word Stopping You From Becoming A Cricketer?

If you had to put cricket into one word, what would you choose? Some say it's about angles. Others talk about hand-eye coordination, or athleticism. All those things are important but I would choose a different word.
16 April 2013

How One Team Made The Most Of Their Talent By Exploiting Culture

Culture. It's one of those words that get banded about in sport and in business as an explanation for everything.
9 April 2013

The Common Sense Way To Coach Kid's Cricket

Why do kids play cricket? If you know the answer to that then you know the secret to coaching younger players.
2 April 2013

What Alanis Morrisette Knows About Cricket Confidence

I got this email from a reader recently: "I have read your articles on staying calm and relaxed at the crease but they don't seem to work. I have the ability but completely lack confidence in the middle. Please help!"
26 March 2013

Enrol Now On Michael Bevan's Exclusive Finisher Coaching Courses

We are delighted to announce that Michael Bevan's online coaching courses Finisher are now open for enrolees. As you know, a few weeks ago we announced the "Finisher" was revealing his methods in his first ever online coaching courses.
20 March 2013

Accuracy Gets Wickets

Accuracy gets wickets: Glenn McGrath, Zaheer Khan, Vernon Philander and many others at the highest level have proven the method. But accuracy is difficult.
20 March 2013

3 Cricket Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

You are not alone. Everyone who has played cricket wonders how good they really are. Some people take that wonder and run with it. Doing everything right to give themselves the best chance of success. Others take that wonder and think they are doing things right.
12 March 2013

The One Secret Exercise You Need To Improve Bowling Speed

Fast bowling is complex. It's impossible to break it down to one part; but a crucially important part for power - and therefore speed - is your hips. Your hips are the powerhouse of the bowling action.
5 March 2013

A Simple Tip For Improving Leg Side Takes For Wicket-Keepers

After the recent article from Mark Garaway on standing up drills, I felt inspired to do some work with my wicketkeepers on standing up to seamers. We duly set up a drill with a bowling machine to work on leg side takes.
19 February 2013

Where Most People Go Wrong With Cricket Coaching Advice

There is simple shorthand for what defines a good coach: reputation is everything. We look at a player's first-class or international record and that helps us decide if we should follow his advice. But you wouldn't go to the dentist if you had a broken leg. So why go to a former player to fix your broken technique?
13 February 2013

How Fit Are Academy Cricketers?

Cricket is a game of inches. Imagine playing in an Academy trial game when you push a ball to cover and set off on a risky single. It's on, but only if you can get up to top speed in a couple of strides.
23 January 2013

Why Fast Bowlers Can Forget Jogging

Long, slow distance running is not the way to get fit for bowling. Many have argued the opposite. For example Mike Selvey when talking about former England bowler Bob Willis said...
15 January 2013

5 Cheap But Effective Cricket Innovations To Improve Your Game

Using technology to improve your cricket isn't always about spending a lot of money. Sometimes you can get excellent results without a large investment upfront. But you have to be careful too. There are many products on the market making big claims. Not all of them are as good as they make out. So here are 5 of my top picks for technology that you can pick up cheaply and make a difference to your game.
9 January 2013